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The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c

iphone 5c

We’ve talked about the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c long before there were any. Last month, the rumors were confirmed as both phones have been announced by Apple.

Most speculations about these phones we’ve scoured all over the web as documented in this post iPhone 2013 Rumors: iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and More actually came true, especially when it comes to specs.

iPhone 5c

Some say “c” stands for “cheap” since the phone is the most affordable iPhone ever. Prices start at $99 for the 16GB version and $199 for the 32GB. The letter may also stand for chunky. The phone is bulkier than all other iPhones. But Apple says it pertains to colors because the 5c is available in colorful designs including white, pink, yellow, blue, and green. But in relation to being inexpensive, many also ridicule this model as being a poor man’s iPhone.

The rest of the specs can be found on the iPhone 5c page at the Apple website.

iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5s on the other hand can be comparable to what happened last year when the iPhone 4s was announced instead of the highly anticipated iPhone 5. The 5s offers more exciting colors though including silver, space gray, and the highly celebrated and daring gold color.

The rest of the specifications are available on the iPhone 5s page at the Apple website.


The 5c is relatively bigger and heavier than the 5s considering the fact that it’s made from plastic. But in terms of features, the 5s obviously offers better specs including the A7 processor and fingerprint or touch ID sensor which is something new and innovative.

The full comparison chart for the 5s and 5c is available on this page.

So what type of iPhone person are you? Are you the iPhone 5s or the iPhone 5s type?

iPhone 2013 Rumors: iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and More

iphone 2013 rumors

The tech world online had been clamoring about the possible release of the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c as well as other new iPhone devices. But just how much do we know about these phones? Several sources attempted to showcase the features of yet to be announced iPhone gadgets and we’ve summed them all up.

iPhone 5s

Although there is no specific date yet, the iPhone 5s may be launched at the last quarter of 2013 in the same manner that most previous iPhones were released around the same time. Some also note that it may be pitted against the third generation of Samsung Note tablets which will be made public on the IFA 2013.

As for features, varying sources point out the following:

  • 4.8 inch display
  • Retina+ Sharp IGZO display with 1080p full HD resolution
  • screen resolution of 1.5 million pixel (twice the current iPhone 5)
  • 8MP or 13MP iSight camera
  • dual LED flash
  • 2GB of RAM
  • dual core or quad core GPU
  • faster CPU – the A6x (similar with the latest iPad) or may introduce the iOS7 with an  A7 chip
  • 128GB storage capacity
  • bigger battery
  • touch on display panel with 10 point multi-touch and 0.5 mm thickness (from China Times based on Apple supplier Innolux, a Taiwanese company)
  • 4G global LTE support
  • NFC technology with possible finger print enabled financial transactions (PayPal’s Michael Barrett dropped a hint about multiple phones possibly having this technology later this year in a keynote speech recently)
  • black and white with the addition of champagne gold color (based on rumors from the Japanese website ASCII)

See featured image above for iPhone 5s colors.

iPhone 6

Who knows if the supposedly iPhone 5s will be no less than the iPhone 6? We’ve witnessed the unpredictable mood of Apple when it released the iPhone 4s instead of a rumored iPhone 5 before. But most agree that a completely different iPhone 6 may be coming to the market by 2014.

iPhone Math

Mark June 2014 on your calendar; it is supposedly the release date for the iPhone Math. This model will jump start the beginning of a new breed of iPhones which are larger and cheaper. I assume these will compete with similar phones/tabs in the market today.

iPhone 5c

In relation to cheaper, the iPhone 5c is a more affordable iPhone 5. It’s still an iPhone and Apple manufactured so literally, it’s just cheaper but not necessarily very cheap. Just around the $300 benchmark.

However, with lesser prices comes less amazing specifications including a smaller than 4 inch display, a lower resolution, and possibly plastic instead of aluminum casing. The camera may be between 5MP and 8MP. It will be available in similar colors as the iPod models.


Among all four rumored Apple devices, it’s the iPhone 5s you may have to watch out for this September or October.

However, I can still remember how many had anticipated the iPhone 5 prior to its release last year and yet ended up with the iPhone 4s instead. There is always a possibility that all the brouhaha over this technically non-existing device may end up in a major disappointment. We are soon to find out.