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A Quick Look at the Future of Television Sets

future of television sets

Television has gone through various phases since its innovation. Some time ago, people watched their favorite programs, which were actually limited, on a white and black screen. Today, a person has the freedom to choose among thousands of different television channels broadcasting from all over the world. In addition, technology has enabled broadcasting of colored images, making viewing more exciting for customers. However, this is not the end of it all. With the changing technology, one is likely to wonder what the future of television sets.

Judging by current developments, there is more to come in this industry and clients need to be expectant. One cannot ignore the fact that the medium is still evolving. The television sets in use today also testify that companies in design have not lagged behind. This revolution has seen designs of the black and white receivers, the Technicolor consoles, to the most current plasma and LCD high-definition TV sets.

It is generally clear that companies are moving from huge machines to thinner yet big screens. These also come with other features that did not exist in older models of television sets. With modern designs, consumers can now enjoy customized viewing experiences due to various applications supported by such sets. Most of these can also connect to the Internet, making them even more impressive to their users.

The thrilling fact is that broadcasters are already devising ways to go beyond high-definition. With mind-blowing achievements of technology regarding home entertainment, one can only get excited when they fathom how ultra-high definition is likely to be. Remember, this is expected to come along with better and more powerful screens capable of performing multi-functions.

As television sets with high refresh rates and capability of Internet connectivity become popular in the market, there is more in store for home-theatre systems. Ultra-definition streaming is characterized by high resolution which ranges between 3840 x 2160 pixels. There is also a unique feature with this broadcasting, whereby, viewers can zoom in images to get closer view of a particular scene.

This sounds like an interactive session between the viewer and the program in progress. It is highly probable that everyone would like to get such services in their homes. In this case, creation of television sets like 3D is not in vain. These will increase their demand in the market as time goes by; when consumers find out how thrilling their experience with such sets can get.

The most important note about 3D television sets is that there are already some in the market, which do not require viewers to wear glasses to see the effect. A good example is the digital screen used on billboards and signage for marketing. This means that your 3D home entertainment system is likely to work like that some days to come.

Basically, the future of television sets can be predicted as providing personalized content, greater viewer experience , and having big yet thinner screens. This is quite fascinating. Consumers cannot expect less than that especially when companies have proved their dedication to making the industry better with time.

LG: World’s First Full HD 3D Projector


LG has introduced the worlds first Full HD 3D projector, the LG CF3D. It can display 1920×1080 images and uses SXRD technology. It uses two projectors which are combined within one lens. It also creates the 3D polarized- light that is found in movie theaters.


Full HD 3D projector

It really has a stylish  and attractive design. It has an built-in camera which will adjust the brightness of images to give you maximum 3D effect.

Multiple Connectivity options:

Digital-set top Boxes

Blu-Ray Players

Gaming consoles


Price: $14,999