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5 Simple Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

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These days, a huge number of blogs are getting added in the blogging world on different topics and platforms. But most of them end up into a mess because most of the users are not familiar with the most common and simple but disastrous blogging mistakes that are made by them which in turn causes frustration for bloggers which will have a negative impact on the blog causing its downfall.


blogging mistakes

1. Useless Posts:

Most bloggers think that making 4-5 posts on a daily basis will attract more users but this is not true. The fact that they do not understand is that users prefer quality over quantity. A user would love to read a single quality post in 1 day. Do not publish more than 1 article in a single day because if you try to post 4-5 articles in one day, then surely you will end up in making useless articles.

2. Placement Of Ads:

This is another mistake that most bloggers make. They place ads everywhere; on home page, and in between posts and pages. This will surely irritate many users. Pop up ads are the worst for a new blog. This will surely decrease the amount of traffic that is going to come to your blog.

3. No Social Contacts

Today, social media has become one of the best way to attract traffic to your blog and making your blog successful and popular among people. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other social networking sites offer a real great platform for bloggers to make the most out of their blogs by publishing and sharing their blog details. So it’s really necessary for bloggers these days to have a social network so that they can make the most out of their blog .No social contacts means no promotion and that will surely not help the blog’s reputation.

4. No Response To Your Readers

This is the most  common mistake made by bloggers, not responding to questions and comments put on by their readers. This will surely discourage bloggers to come back to your blog when they see no response to their questions and comments. Thus, your traffic will go on decreasing and your blog will be on a verge of extinction one day.

5. Copy Paste

This is the worst mistake that is made by bloggers, copying other blog’s content and pasting them in yours .Users always go for new and unique content, users can easily find out whether the content is unique or it has been copy pasted from other blogs. This will surely make your blog boring and downgrade.

These are a few points that that could possibly make your blog a mess so make sure to avoid these blogging mistakes.

Best Blogging Tips



Today, everyone has this ambition of creating a blog that is unique and different and popular than other blogs. Now, the moment that users start his or her own blog, for quite a few days, there will be only one visitor that is him only. After a few days, he might be able to attract a few traffic but suppose you are not getting the traffic as you want to come but you are putting your 100% in your blog, you might be missing important best blogging tips.

Best Blogging Tips

In this post, I will provide you with some tips that will surely help you in attracting more and more traffic.

1. Premium Hosting

Please be sure always to use premium hosting. If you are using free hosting as your hosting, then change it to a premium one.It not only attracts search engine attention but it also makes it easy to remember the name of your blog, for ex: if you have a domain name of xyz.com instead of xzy.abchost.com, then I think i have made my point. Also, free hosting are slow and you never know when they will ban your account and these days, users are impatient and they are not going to wait for a long time for your blog to open.

2. Write Blog Post At Regular Intervals

This is the key factor for attracting traffic to your blog. Keep writing articles at regular intervals, make it a regular habit. By regular, I am not saying that one post daily, make it one post after one day interval. Users usually get bored from outdated contents and soon  you will lose your readers if you do not update your blog with latest articles and less traffic means less popularity. So make it a habit of publishing posts regularly.

3. Start Commenting On Other Blog’s

This is the best way of attracting traffic to your blog, usually when you comment on other blog’s they ask for your name and email address and your blog name. There you can comment and enter your details. After that, anyone can visit your blog as your blog will be publicly displayed. This is the best possible way you can attract traffic to your blog.

4. Unique Content And No Copy Paste

Never copy any content from other blog. If you do this, you are creating 2 big problems. First, the blog from which you copy pasted your information will file a DMCA complaint against you and you will get your blog banned. Second is that no one will show interest in your content as there will be nothing unique to read.

5. Go For Different Topics

Always write articles on different topics so that your readers can get something new to read. This will hold your readers on your blog and hence your traffic will surely increase.

6. Quality Over Quantity

Always prefer quality on quantity. If you post a quality article, it will count more than 4-5 dull articles. Do not write useless articles. Don’t try to flood your blog with articles. Instead, go for some quality content. If you are able to post one article in 2 days but of a real good quality that will overpower 5-6 useless articles, so do prefer quality over quantity.

7. Do Not Fill Your Blog With Ads

This is the worst mistake ever made by the bloggers, filling your blog with ads. Do not put ads everywhere on your blog; this irritates users the most. They usually get distracted from ads that are placed everywhere.

These are some of the best blogging tips that every blogger should follow in order to have a nice blog.