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Apple iOS 5.0.1 Beta Just Released


The Apple iOS 5.0.1 Beta has recently been introduced. It’s the updated version of the previous iOS platform which is said to remove all the flaws that the previous version had in it. The main purpose behind the update is to improve the battery draining issues that iPhone users were having, as recently reported by some users of the iPhone 4S.


Apple iOS 5.0.1

This version is up for download now. Other than the battery issues this new version is said to eradicate, some other issues for example will also be taken cared of:

  • Synchronizing issues will be solved for iCloud
  • Voice recognition will be improved for SIRI
  • Security issues related to iPad2 will also be handled

This updated version will solve all the above issues that the previous version had. The SIRI feature had a problem recognizing commands for Australian users; thus, a new dictionary has been introduced in this updated version specially for Australian users.

Apple IOS 5.0.1

The previous version also had some security issues which are now removed in the upgraded version. This security issue was found with iPad2 where anyone with a Smartcover can open the pass-code protected iPad and run the last application which was used but now it is said to be removed.

This Apple iOS 5.0.1 beta version has promised to remove the flaws but only time will tell whether it stands up to it’s ability.