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Glasses Free 3D Monitor: LG DX2500


This is the biggest innovation from the LG company which will surely make them the top brand in the name of 3D TV, as it has come to known that LG has created a Glasses Free 3D monitor, that means now that there is no need to wear 3D glasses while watching a 3D movie/show. LG is known to come up with unique ideas and this one is the best and the most unique one till now, who could have imagined that we would be able to see 3D movies without glasses?

Glasses Free 3D Monitor

The 25 inch monitor contains a glasses free parallax barrier 3D with head tracking technologies. Though the user will have to make some adjustments in their viewing angle and distance from the TV, I think that is not much of a problem as the most basic traditional problem of wearing glasses has been eliminated now. So this gives a user more freedom of movement and a better experience while watching 3D stuff.

Glasses Free 3D Monitor

Unique Idea:

The unique addition to this TV is the camera that is fitted in front of the TV screen which works a position tracking device for the monitor. It is capable of detecting the movement of user’s head and eyes and then adjust the screen accordingly. Once it tracks the position and the distance of the user from the screen, then it does some internal work and adjust the angle of the image accordingly for best 3D experience. This idea is the most unique idea till now.

This Glasses Free 3D monitor TV is right now available in South Korea and rest of the world will have to wait till 2012 for it’s Global launch. Prices are not fixed yet.