A Review on the Coby Kyros Tablet

Coby Kyros is an Android 2.3 tablet available in various online stores with prices starting at $79.99. It features a mini-HDMI output for HDTVs and other compatible devices, a 2.1 MP (mega pixel) camera with front facing shot capacity, and expandable memory storage through Micro SD (up to 32 GB).

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The Good Side

You won’t find a lot of tablet PCs with an 8-inch screen display. Most other tablets offer a screen size of 7 inches, which is the average size, or at maximum size of 10 inches. The screen size makes the Kyros unique. The widescreen display is available at an 800 x 480 WVGA resolution. The mini-HDMI output for audio-video connections is a type C which can support 1080p HD videos, audio, and images. There’s also a 3.5 output for headphones with a speaker (situated at the back) and a microphone already integrated within this Coby tablet so external devices are no longer necessary for voice and audio to work.

The internal storage provided is at 4 GB only but it can be expanded up to 32 GB through a micro SD. The Coby Kyros measures 4.8 x 0.5 x 7.5 inches and weighs 14.4 ounces. For a tablet, such a size and weight makes it easy to carry. It also fits bags and jacket pockets easily so you can bring it with you anywhere you go. This makes the Kyros perfect for everyone who is always on the go and surfs the web through public Wi-Fi connections on stores and shops. Aside from Wi-Fi, this tablet also supports hi-speed Internet connection through DSL and other platforms. This is something which other tablets cannot provide and can only do so when you upgrade and pay more.

Coby Kyros is also equipped with over a dozen applications. One of which includes the Aldiko e-book reader which allows you to download and read thousands of e-books for free. You can read on either a landscape or portrait view. The Kyros is able to automatically detect the position of the tablet and adjusts the reading view accordingly.

Another interesting app in the Coby Kyros is the AppsLib which enables you to browse through the AppsLib market and download as well as install apps of choice. This tablet also features other free applications including an alarm clock, calculator, a web browser, email, a music and video player which makes video streaming more convenient through the YouTube browser, and a gallery for images and videos.

Aside from the HDMI port, the Kyros is also built with a high speed USB 2.0 connection for data transfers and battery charging. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery made from lithium polymer.

When it comes to prices, this tablet can be listed amongst the most affordable devices of its kind. Prices start at $79.99 up to a maximum of $200 only.

The Bad Side

Despite affordability, the Kyros is lacking in a few ways. The display screen is overly resistive that you may have to force your way through the stylus (it’s included upon purchase of the device). It also lacks the sensitivity you need when you want to navigate the screen fast. Syncing your files with other devices then takes time. Speaking of time, the battery lasts for a maximum of 6 hours only. Lastly, this Coby model, despite being an Android device lacks a lot of features present in other Android devices including Google services.


You can look at the Coby Kyros in two ways for you to decide whether or not you will buy it: the affordability makes up for what it lacks or being affordable is not excusable for lacking features.


Uniden GMR3689-2CK: One of the Best Walkie Talkie Products

Uniden GMR3689-2CK

Communication is a two way process and we need the right tools to send and receive messages clearly.  In relation to that, we are presenting the Uniden GMR3689-2CK, a thirty six mile waterproof two-way radio loaded with different features that will keep you connected with families and friends in situations like sports festivals, events management, outdoor activities, family affairs like camping, walking, snow skiing, or some activities that require communication very often. Indeed, this product is one communication tool that you should have because it is comparable, if not better than any of the best walkie talkie products out there in the market today.

Here are the reasons why it is so:

The product has interesting features that are unique compared with other perceived two way radios out there. These features make the product a very reliable communication gadget that will not fail in almost any scenario. It guarantees that you stay in contact with your team, family, and friends without any problems.

Let us further enumerate and examine these unique and interesting features of the GMR3689-2CK by Uniden:

  • Wateproof
  • Auto channel
  • Group mode and direct calling
  • Lightweight
  • Huge Channel Combinations
  • Safety Conscious and Environment Friendly Product


Compared with other products, this model has stood against the rigid JIS7 testing.  This means that it can survive submersion under water down to three feet for thirty minutes without acquiring damage.  No cause for worry when you accidentally drop it in rivers, lakes, or ponds. It is securely airtight and you can bring the unit any place you want. This is durability at its best.  An added perk is its colored yellow, making it visible regardless of terrain or situation.  Thus, you are assured that you easily find it once it escapes your grip.

Auto channel

This feature allows interference free conversation with two way radios.  It automatically or manually changes the channel of your group once frequency is unstable to avoid static intrusion.  You do not lose important messages when you use the GMR3689-2CK.

Group Setting and Direct Calling

Privacy is also important when talking over hand held radios.  With this product, a direct calling feature is installed to enable the user to contact a specific party within or outside the group without other people hearing or intercepting the radio conversation that transpires over the private channel. It has a caller identification assignment as well, making it easy to identify who you are talking with or who is attempting to initiate contact.


This radio measures only 12.6 x 9.3 x 3.8 inches and weighs 2.3 pounds.  It is small that you can literally wrap your fingers around it for stronger grip.  It is not very heavy to discourage frequent usage.  You can slip or insert it through any of your pockets without feeling any discomfort. You won’t be conscious with the bulges it produces in your attire too.

Huge channel combinations

It has 22 channels which include 15 General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) and 7 Family Radio Service (FRS) in addition to 142 and 143 privacy and group codes respectively.  Thus, creating 6270 combination of channels that gives thousands of channel selections to maintain your group’s communication.

Safety and Environment Conscious Product

Because it is connected with a weather channel, users of GMR3689-2CK are forewarned when extreme weather condition is coming.  Connecting to the NOAA weather radio allows you to monitor weather situations in your locality and know weather conditions in advance. It also supports a clean and green environment since it is manufactured in compliance with RoHS. This sets the standards against the use of toxic materials. The packaging is also certified one hundred percent recyclable and uses non-toxic inks for printing.

Summarized Advantages from the Product

  • Because it is submersible, durability is guaranteed
  • Privacy during radio conversation is assured and conversing about confidential matters are kept secured.
  • The autochannel setting and direct calling mode ensures interference free walkie talkie moments. Thus, you stay connected at all times.
  • The size of the product makes it comfortable to use.
  • Guilt free usage as no major harm is inflicted on the environment when using the product.


  • Members of the group should use or own two way radios that is compatible or have the same features with this model.
  • Some users noted that the 36 mile coverage is not really true.
  • One Uniden GMR3689-2ck review noted that sound quality is not good in some cases.
  • Channel configuration is mind boggling. You have to review the manual many times before you can really understand how to enjoy this feature.
  • Batteries do not last longer than it claims. Some users claimed that it discharges after 3 hours or worst 30 minutes.
  • It is not sold outside the United States.

How Much Will it Cost Your Pocket?

Considering the tons of features included in this product, the price of this item is definitely a catch.  Depending on which store or online sites you buy, the price is varies and may reach up to between $96.71 in Amazon.

Product Warranty Details

It is assured that every unit of this product is defect free.  However, in some cases, there are failures that may happen.  The product has warranty for 36 months granted that the problem is not due to misuse and abuse.  In addition, proof of original purchase must be presented to claim the warranty. The unit is either replaced or repaired depending on the non-conformity of the product warranty.


For every unit purchase of this item, the customer shall receive the following:

  • Two units hand held radios
  • Two units belt clips
  • Two units of rechargeable Ni-MH battery packs
  • One unit dual charging cradle
  • One unit AC adapter
  • One piece owner’s manual

The Bottom Line

Despite issues brought about by a few users, the Uniden GMR3689-2ck is still one of the best walkie talkie models available in the market today.  Thousands of users attested that the wide frequency coverage made it possible to connect with their co-workers, families, and friends. A majority of user feedback is in favor of the item. It is also such a small item with full of punches at a price that won’t dent your coffers.

Technological Feats of the 21st Century

21st century technology
What have been some of the most significant technological feats of the 21st century so far? In terms of breaking down different areas of technology, some of the more impressive achievements in the field of science and engineering have included new medical devices, more portable tech, better transportation, robotics, and improved communications. These achievements can be viewed as a part of general trends for enhanced connections and expectations of technological change, from advanced routers and high speed networks available from Comms-Express, to the use of the Internet for multiple areas of everyday life.
Some of the more notable medical achievements in the 21st century to date have included artificial livers and hearts, with heart innovations particularly building on the practice of heart transplants. At the same time, scientists at the University of Washington have produced bionic contact lenses with the potential to superimpose data over the wearer’s eyes. Bionic hands with enhanced grips in all fingers have similarly provided indications of the future of medical technology, while devices like the EyeWriter have offered paraplegic patients a new opportunity to write.
The technology we use every day is becoming smaller and more portable. Some of the most significant technological feats of the past thirteen years have consequently included Apple’s iPod, iPhone and iPad designs, which have provided a way to adapt high speed computing to small entertainment and work devices. Moreover, miniature devices like Flip Mino video cameras and tiny GPS tags have made it easier for users to engage with the world through technology without having to worry about cumbersome devices.
Important feats from the world of transportation have included the rapid development of electric cars, with models becoming more agile and capable of handling longer distances on a single charge. Other inventions that, while notable, haven’t quite achieved their predicted success include the Segway and its balancing technology. Maglev trains have also demonstrated the impact of magnetically levitating trains, while hybrid vehicles have gradually improved the appeal of green cars.
The past decade has seen improvements in terms of robotics, from experiments at the start of the 2000’s with robotic pets, through to medical devices like the CyberKnife, and the Mars Exploration Rover. Honda have also produced their own ASIMO robots, suggesting a future where it’ll be more likely that artificial intelligence will be as much about friendship as carrying out essential tasks that humans are unable to.
With faster and faster broadband connections and mobile Internet, the 2000’s was arguably a decade when our expectations of the net became more sophisticated. Key inventions, to this end, have included social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as better fiber optic cabling and other networking technologies capable of delivering high speed Internet lines. Developments in 3G and 4G mobile web also mean that it’s relatively straightforward to connect to the Internet, wherever you are.
Author Bio
Rosette blogs about the latest technology news from around the world. She recommends exploring the advanced networking technologies available through Comms-Express. She also blogs on developments in robotics.