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iOS7 Turn On and Turn Off


If you’re still one of those who have not updated your Apple handheld device with the new iOS7, this post will help you decide whether the update turns you on or turns you off.

12 Turn On Reasons

So what’s new with iOS7? What makes it different from previous operating systems, particularly iOS6? These will definitely turn you on!

  1. Control Center. This feature offers you access to controls and apps in seconds.
  2. AirDrop. It’s a smart way to share files and lets you drop all types of files easily. The gadget performs tasks needed to share the file including utilizing WiFi and Bluetooth. No setup required.
  3. Today. It’s a new feature of the Notification Center which provides a summary of everything you need to know today including the weather, birthdays, and more.
  4. All and Missed. This view (still on the Notification Center) reminds you of stuffs you haven’t attended to such as missed calls, shared files, and so on.
  5. Multitasking. It’s new and improved and empowers you to perform various tasks on your device all at the same time.
  6. Intelligent updates. Automatic updates are processed during power efficient moments so your device isn’t drained of battery.
  7. Graphic Rich. Check out the uber zooming capability which may literally make you feel sick, in a good way that is.
  8. iTunes Radio (US only). It plays radio stations based on your preferred music genre. Keep on listening to automatically tune the player according to your music preference.
  9. Find My iPhone. It won’t be your phones keeper but this will at least make it more difficult for anyone else other than you to use or sell your device.
  10. Coming soon – iCloud Keychain and iOS in the Car. The former saves login information while the latter keeps you focused when driving once the phone had been connected and integrated with your vehicle’s dashboard.
  11. Hidden Features. Scour the web for various hidden or secret features available on this OS.
  12. Improved features for camera, photos including iCloud photo sharing, Safari, Siri (now searches Wikipedia and Twitter), App Store (new kids section and the Apps Near Me feature that shows apps relevant to your location), and features for business and developers.

The iOS7 is compatible with the iPad 2, iPad retina display, iPad mini, iPod touch 5th gen, and the iPhone (4, 4s, 5, and the new models 5s and 5c).

Major Turn Offs

Despite amazing features, the iOS7 also comes with major turn offs. One of which include a very slow update, your phone might end up battery dead before it’s completed, not to mention error messages. Speaking of dead, some users in forums claim that the update had rendered their iPhone literally dead where it won’t hold a charge no matter what charger is used until the phone is completely drained of battery and powers off for good.

Among other complaints as featured on ZDNet includes lag time, lesser sensitivity to touch, inconsistent keyboard, Siri’s hoarse voice, unappealing color scheme, too enlarged notification panel, and more.

Turn On or Turn Off?

So based on the features and issues listed above, are you turned on or turned off by the iOS7?

Microsoft Buys Nokia: Cause and Effect

microsoft buys nokia

All eyes are on Microsoft and Nokia these past few days in the tech world. Microsoft buys Nokia including its mobile phone technology and all its related services for $7.2 billion. You can read about Microsoft’s press release on this update through this page.

On Nokia

Nokia was formerly the front runner when it comes to mobile phones about a decade ago. But like its competitors years ago, Nokia is now trailing behind manufacturers like Samsung. Although they also adapt to changes in cellular phone technology and also manufactured devices with touch screen, Wi-Fi Internet capability, NFC technology, and so on, they did not embrace what various most mobile companies have openly accepted: the Android OS. Nokia had kept its old operating systems which include Symbian and have been working with Microsoft using the Windows Mobile OS.

Android is no doubt one of the most preferred amongst operating systems these days. The Google Play store makes Android even more enticing through hundreds of thousands of applications which are readily downloadable for free or with an associated fee.

On Microsoft

In relation to Google’s Android OS, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile also trails behind it at number 3 with Apple’s iOS on number one. Microsoft has been working with Nokia for its Windows Mobile powered phones, including the Lumia series which had generated enormous sales. The same success from Lumia would have many assume that this buy off kick starts Windows’ attempt to be at par with what iOS and Android have accomplished in the market today. But will it be enough to beat the app addicting Android and the popularly used iOS?


I’m no market expert but competition is definitely healthier when brands challenge each other through innovative features. I personally love Nokia’s Pureview cameras particularly the 41 MP handsets. There’s nothing else similar to this innovation except for a possibly upcoming new Pureview Lumia phone models.

But even this rare camera feature was not enough to win in the race for number one or even number 2. And the Windows domination on computer OS does not necessarily apply to mobile devices as well. But the effort of exerting effort for ingenuity instead of jumping on the same bandwagon in a monopoly-like move (i.e. joining the Android world) is at least commendable.

Nokia’s ties with Microsoft through its Windows Mobile operated phones even helped this old mobile brand continue to thrive amongst fast rising giants like Samsung. But I wonder if it would have been better if they have joined the Android league instead. We will never know now since Nokia will exclusively manufacture phones for Microsoft alone, no longer due to a business partnership, but because Nokia is now officially part of the Microsoft family.

Best Gadgets of 2012

best gadgets of 2012

On the first day of 2012, BBC News published an article about the most wanted gadgets in 2012.  The list includes updated Nokia Lumia, Apple upgrading its iPod with a thinner and bigger screen, Sony smart phones, Xbox 720 (became Xbox One actually), Playstation 4, new Nintendo Wii, Tomb Raider, Grand Theft Auto V, and Mass Effect 3.

After the year has passed, let us take a look at the best gadgets of 2012.  Does the list include gadgets enumerated by BBC News? Read on.

According to resources online, the bestselling electronic gadgets on are Kindle readers.  It holds the top four positions with the Tom Tom GPS coming in fifth and the Apple iPod 8g coming in sixth.  This information proves that people are still into reading.  The Tom Tom GPS gadget on the other hand is an indication that people are buying technology that helps them in their everyday life.  The Apple iPod 8g affirms what BBC reported in their most wanted list.

The bestselling phones of 2012 (overall) on the other hand so far are the following – Samsung Galaxy Note, Apple iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy Y, Samsung Galaxy SII, Blackberry 9900, Nokia Lumia 800, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Nokia Lumia 710, Nokia Asha 300, and Sony Xperia Ray.  While Nokia has somehow managed to pose a threat in the mobile phone market, there is no doubt that Samsung remains the strongest brand in this gadget category.  Let us find out if the divorce between Sony and Ericsson will yield positive results for both brands.

BBC News excluded specific electronic gadgets like digital cameras in their list. Anyway,  the Panasonic Lumix series is the bestselling brand in this category.  The driving sales factor can be attributed to several features of this brand and its models.  For example, Panasonic Lumix TS3 has the latest technology to capture high resolution images for underwater shots and other solid features like shock, dust, and water proof.  If you want high definition images, then go for Panasonic Lumix FZ45 which can capture movie and picture images at high speed range.

Other bestselling electronic gadgets also include electronic pointers, speakers, computer accessories, and other stuffs.  Here, you won’t find brands like Nokia, Sony, and Samsung.  Rather, you will find Boogie Board LCD writing tablet, Optical finger mouse, Portable Sphere speakers, SMW Green Laser Pointer, power adapters, USB cable charging devices, wireless controllers for PS3, Smart pens, and network media players as some of the brands and products electronic consumers are buying in 2012.

Electronic manufacturers won’t stop; they will continue to launch new products of the latest models with up to date technological features embedded as well as upgrading of current lines with more sophisticated tools and applications.  This will alter the total sales make-up of the electronic industry for the years to come.  With aggressive promotional tools, popular brands like Sony, Nokia, and Samsung will ward off threats from rivals like Blackberry, Apple, and Nintendo.  Really, the race for technological supremacy has never been exciting and electronic consumers are just too happy to accept the latest with open arms this 2013.