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A Totally Noise Free Listening Experience with Audio Technica ATH-ANC7B Noise Cancelling Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B

The Audio Technica ATH-ANC7B active noise cancelling closed-back headphones offer a totally noise free listening experience. Its QuietPoint technology provides up to 90% noise cancellation. This review will discuss the product’s features including its positive and negative side.

Product Features

Audio Technica’s ATH-ANC7B model has a compact design with closed back head phones. These can be folded flat for easier storage. The ear cups are shaped to fit any type of ear. The cushioned padding makes it comfortable for anyone to wear.

This headphone is also light weight at 7.6 ounces (that’s 210 grams). It can be carried anywhere and may be used with all types of audio equipment and devices. These include computers, audio file and disc players, home theater devices, and even airplanes’ entertainment systems.

The QuietPoint technology applied on the entire circuitry provides up to 90% noise cancelling. In terms of decibels, this can be converted to 20 dB noise reduced. This percentage can have it listed among the best noise cancelling headphones currently offered in the market today.

The noise reducing functionality may also be attributed to its 40 mm drivers which are connected to a neodymium magnet system.

In terms of audio quality, it features a 109 dB sensitivity level. This allows an ample volume regardless of the source. The overall sound quality which includes treble, bass, and mid range are of high quality.

Purchasing the item comes with a ¼ inch adapter, an adapter for airline use, an AAA alkaline battery, a pouch for accessories, and a carrying case.

When used with its alkaline AAA battery, it is expected to last for up to 40 hours. Without a battery, it plays passively through adapters included in the product set. The ATH-ANC7B’s head phones still work even with the noise cancelling sound option turned off.

The Positive and Negative Side

Like any other item, there are pro’s and con’s which can be pointed out with this Audio Technica headphone model.


  • The 90% noise cancelling stereo sound it provides can be at par with the best noise cancelling headphones currently offered today.
  • An extremely high sensitivity level provides great audio quality.
  • It is build to be durable and solidly made.
  • Unlike other brands, it is mid-sized and can be easily carried.
  • The ear cups design comfortably fit all ears whether big and small with a cushioned padding.
  • Accessories which come with the head phones are useful. The carrying case is larger than other brands and can support additional devices such a game console or a portable music player. The alkaline batteries can be easily installed as well.


  • Based on tests, the sound quality is decreased when the noise cancellation is off.
  • Those who enjoy loud music also mention that some audio details such as bass are not as efficient in this item.
  • When played at moderate volume, there is evidence of sound leak.

Despite a few setbacks, the Audio Technica ATH-ANC7B Active Noise-Cancelling Closed-Back Headphones is a great deal for those who would like to purchase a product which provides a balance between quality and cost.

A Revolutionary Listening Experience with JVC HANC250 Headphone

jvc hanc250

For those who have always been updated with trends in technology, you may have come across the JVC HANC250 high grade noise cancelling headphone. Other brands have come up with their own similar product since then. And reading reviews about noise cancelling headphones from blogs, forums and websites will help you compare products of similar features.


The JVC HANC250 is one of the earliest noise cancelling headphones developed for music enthusiasts. It had been offered as early as 2007. When you purchase this item, other accessories are included such as a slim easy to carry case, a detachable cord which measures four feet, a dual plug adapter which can be carried during airplane travels, and a plug adapter which measures only ¼ inch and can be used for most home audio and video products.

There are always three factors which should be considered when purchasing any type of product. These include the purpose behind buying it, how much budget can be allotted, and the products features.

In relation to that, a revolutionary listening experience is definitely the best reason behind buying a noise cancelling headphone.

As for budget, this classic is now currently available in Amazon at less than $100. That’s twice or thrice less than the price of expensive brands in the market. Most on a tight budget will agree that this is one of the best noise cancelling headphones there is on the market.

In terms of features, additional factors must be checked as well. These are design, built, and audio quality.

On design, it’s over the ear built makes it an easy item to wear for anyone wherever they need to go. The item also folds flat. When folded, it is reduced to a thinner form than most other brands.

On built, this JVC noise cancelling headphone fit comfortably and is light weight. The item weighs only 5.3 ounces. Its smooth memory foam cushioned ear pads make it more comfortable to wear.

On audio quality, a 40 mm neodymium driver attached to both ear pieces helps keep sound produced to be at its best. Other customer’s attest to a balanced sound heard with the JVC headphones. You can hear treble, bass, and voice in an appropriate mix.

Like all other products, there are positive as well negative sides which can be pointed out. As for more positive features of the product, here goes:

  • The item assures that over 85% of background noise is eliminated. Its noise cancelling technology is associated to the design and built. The ear pads are attached to the housing. This helps isolate noise from the background. The double housing design also aids in eliminating noise. Internal circuitry as a whole allows constant monitoring of feedback heard from the outside. This allows a consistent noise cancel process.
  • Accessories such as the cable are not exclusive like other items are. This means replacements can be of any traditional brand.
  • It uses a single 1.5 volt AAA type battery which can last up to 50 hours. It is also non-exclusive to the brand.

As for the negative side:

  • There is no option to manually control the volume on the headset itself. It has to be done on the equipment where it is currently plugged into.
  • Battery changes require extra effort. The earphones have to be removed.
  • The cable does not extend much due to its limited length.

For a final note, JVC HANC250 is the best for those who want to experience a revolutionary listening experience without shelling out hundreds of dollars.

NeoTV 550 – Ultimate HD Media Player

NeoTV 550

NeoTV 550 is the latest model of high definition media player products.  It is packed with features in order for you to have the ultimate viewing and listening pleasure ever.  High definition media players are the answer to all our prayers for a Swiss Knife like gadget.  This simply means that it is a single tool which functions to serve a variety of your needs.

This product is fast gaining popularity among technophiles and other electronic consumers around the world for various reasons.  HD media players work several ways. One, it stores your video and audio file regardless of format and two, it serves as a connecting device for your high definition TV; thereby, preserving the integrity of your files.  There’s a lot more and NEOTV 550 – Ultimate HD Media Player has it!

Multiple Ports System

Yes, indeed! You can connect the NEOTV 550 with your Blue Ray DVD Player, wireless applications, digital cable system, digital media adapters, and others.  It has four USB ports; one each at the front and at the back, an SD port, eSATA port, and an Ethernet port.  With that, you can connect several gadgets simultaneously; thus, you do not have to remove any of the connected media applications to accommodate another one.  It saves you the time and trouble of memorizing what connects what.  The multiple port system enable users to enjoy different types of relaxation options like watching high definition movies, listening to digitally enhanced music, playing games from the console, and connecting to the Internet.

Multi-Function Media Player

Because it has multiple ports, this product is more than just an audio, video, and photo player for your home.  It serves other functions as well such as connecting wirelessly to several electronic gadgets in your homes like laptops, desktops, and gaming consoles.  It can also connect to your Wi-Fi; thus, you can view online audio, video, and photo files directly.  No wonder, this is called the ultimate media player because it does more than just playing audio and video files.  Only the NeoTV 550 Ultimate HD Media Player can offer you numerous features all in one product.

Multi-Media Formats

NeoTV 550 is compatible with countless media formats such as for video; there is no problem receiving and playing Windows media files, Blue Ray DVD files, all mpeg formats, divx, mkv, asf, to name a few examples.  Therefore, converting video files to other formats is no longer needed.  An added bonus is that the video quality of more sophisticated file formats is never compromised.  You still get high definition results when using this player.

For audio, it is compatible with Dolby enhanced audio files, will play Windows Media 8 and 9 format, and other audio file system such as FLAC and AAC. There is no need for you to acquire additional applications to link with non-compatible files just to play it with your HD Media Player.

Aside from experiencing viewing and listening pleasure, NeoTV 550 Ultimate HD Player is also ideal as your photographic storage media.  You can view images in the following formats: JPEG, BMP, TFF, PNG, and more. Just insert the SD card in the port and enjoy pressing the remote control to view the pictures. For storage purposes, copy the files from your computer to your USB and plug it directly to your NeoTV 550. You can then enjoy viewing larger pictures

Multi-Friendly Player

This product is intelligent.  It does more than playing your multi format files.  The NeoTV 550 is packed with features designed with user friendly options.  First, it organizes all your files automatically whether it is sourced from a network or from your own computing devices and other electronic tools as well as applications; thereby, making file searching effortless. Second, its remote control comes with shortcut keys for faster selection. It’s easy to use when accessing your network and local devices directly. It’s also configured with different languages, display, and subtitles.  Third, it definitely delivers high definition results with any digital formats.

With multiple features like these, there is no way for you to get bored and have dull moments.  You can do a lot of things with one gadget alone.  You can watch movies, listen to music, view photos, and connect to the Internet. You won’t ask for anything else other than the NeoTV 550 Ultimate HD Media Player.