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Video Monetization through the YouTube Partner Program and What Videos Sell

video monetization through the youtube partner program

Ever wonder why there are advertisements in certain videos over YouTube? This is because the channel owner has opted to monetize the uploaded videos in order to earn money whenever the ads are visited, clicked, or viewed by site users.

Video Monetization in YouTube

For more information on how to qualify for video monetization or become a YouTube partner, visit the page Here, you’ll also find answers to commonly asked questions such as the following:


How can my videos make money?

How much money will my videos earn?

What types of videos are eligible?

Which videos are not eligible?

How will I be paid?


YouTube Partner Program and Adsense

In a nutshell, the YouTube partner program allows you to earn money when users click or view the ads displayed inside the video. Earnings will depend on the type of ad and the pricing per advertisement. But a prerequisite is to have an Adsense profile. This is Google’s universal publisher and advertiser account for all its services including YouTube. Adsense is associated with Google so you must first have a corresponding account such as Gmail. The signup page for Adsense is


Adsense Approval

Getting approved for Adsense will be a challenge. In relation to this, the easiest way to be eligible for Adsense (as a publisher) is to setup a Blogger (Blogspot) blog and publish at least 10 posts that are grammatically error free, of high quality and original or not copied elsewhere.


YouTube Videos to Make

Once you are approved for Adsense, the next challenge will be to make and upload traffic generating videos since one of the prerequisites for approval when joining the YouTube Partner Program is traffic. This means that your videos should have reached a specific number of visitors in total.


So what videos generate traffic back to your channel and may potentially earn from ads displayed on videos which are qualified for the program? Here are some ideas:


1. Clips from movies, television shows and music videos

Be sure to acknowledge copyright from the source so as not to get in trouble for infringement issues.


2. Recordings from live performances of music artists

An example is this video –


3. Audio only

Songs with only a picture or more included.


4. Lyric videos

Lyrics are flashed while the video is played. You can make one through a PowerPoint presentation with music added. Just convert the .pft file into a version which YouTube supports. To convert the file, you may use free file conversion tools available through various websites online. Simply search using the key phrase “free file conversion tool online” or something similar.


5. Cover videos

It’s your own rendition of a musical track. An example of this is the well followed group Boyce Avenue.


6. Original composition

This is how Rebecca Black became both famous and infamous. Remember that love or hate relationship with her song Friday?


7. Parodies

These are comical video adaptations of popular songs. Call me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen can be considered a track with the most parodies and spoofs ever made on YouTube’s history.


8. Video blog

Literally a blog set in video where you can talk about current events, national issues and personal ideas or so on. It can be comedic like Shane Dawson TV or iJustine.


9. Tutorial

Makeup tutorials are a hit on YouTube but you can basically make a tutorial video about anything. For web related tutorials, you can use a screenshot tool to record what you’re doing on your computer.


10. In-game video

These are live recordings of a gamer playing a computer video game or even a mobile device app. In most cases, it is a walk through on how to beat game bosses, survive a challenge, recover treasures or hidden items, and win past a level.


11. Slideshow

From the upload page of YouTube, you’ll find a button to create a slideshow video from a collection of photos regardless of the theme or topic.


12. Travelogue, adventure, and events

You can cover events as they happen and even broadcast the video live since there is an option to do so now on YouTube. You may also post videos about your personal travels.


13. Exclusive program

Not all programs are on TV because you can produce a show on this site.


14. Animation

Original animated features are also plenty on this video sharing site. One of which include Happy Tree Friends although their sense of humor is gruesome. 😀 Flipbook animation can also be considered if you have the flair for art. One example is the channel of user etoilec1. It features several animations using anime fight scenes and music videos as theme. This type of animation is done by literally flipping pages of a sketch notebook filled with drawings. Flipping will make the inanimate art appear animated when your illustration is sequenced for every movement of the character.


15. Compilation

Scour this video site for related videos and make a compilation such as the best funny animals’ collection and etc. Download the videos through a YouTube downloader software and combine or edit the videos through a video editing tool.


16. Tech reviews

If you have new gadgets handy, why not make a hands-on video review about it? You can also post a video of the item being un-boxed. Looks trivial but it actually sells. 🙂


These are just some of the video ideas you can apply to maximize monetization opportunity through the YouTube Partner Program.


Do you have ideas not included in the list above? Do let us know! You may also like, tweet, and share this post!

Website Performance Tips: Four Web Design Elements That Slow Down Page Load Time

website performance tips
The speed in which your website loads in a users’  browser plays a critical role in traffic conversion. No matter how great and interesting your content is if it takes like forty years for them to appear, chances are, you’ll get very unsatisfied visitors which could later on result to a loss of readership or following on your end.
Remember that the first 10 seconds is the most important time in giving a quality user experience. If a searcher did not find what he was looking for on your site within that amount of time, he’ll go elsewhere to search for other resources. Hence, load time is truly vital in delivering satisfactory UX.

Here are four (4) web design elements that could be preventing you from having a fast-loading site. It’s time to give them a boot not only to create happy, regular campers but to boost your SEO rankings as well.

  1. Too much Flash. Flash is an impressive add-on because it could provide animated, interactive and immersive experience to anyone who views it. However, it could be very bulky that it could turn incredibly unfriendly. Moreover, in today’s mobile age, it would not be wise to install such fancy elements as they are not compatible with mobile devices.
  1. Overuse of third-party widgets. Popular widgets that include Jquery and Javascript codes could be cool to the eyes and could enhance your website’s functionality at some point. On the other hand, the process of loading those scripts from off-site locations could be a big contributor to the inconsistency of response times. If you have several of them installed, there’s the tendency that your page would freeze and be unresponsive altogether. How you place them within your pages, i.e. within the head, body or bottom of the body tag, is also another factor to consider.
  1. Unoptimized Images. Full-sized, high-resolution pictures could cause delays as well. If they are not properly optimized and resized, they could consume a lot of bandwidth when loaded. Among the common issues include wrong image format, maximum high-quality setting, width and height not scaled appropriately, even excessive usage in pagination, bulleted list, hover effects etc.
  1. Inefficient coding of stylesheets. This one is not just about unnecessary whitespaces, characters and line breaks. There are also concerns of not using the proper CSS reset, being overly specific when selecting the element to style, not practicing shorthand techniques and employing redundant selectors and properties.

Google Doodle Today

Google Doodle Today

So what’s the Google doodle today? If you’re lucky enough, there just might be a doodle available for you to see. If not, come back to the site again another day especially when it’s a holiday and you’ll surely have a glimpse of’s artistic, aesthetic, appealing, interesting, and entertaining doodles.

 Google Doodle Today

What are Doodles?

But what exactly are doodles? These are simply a modification of the Google logo when you visit the main page by typing in although it will normally automatically redirect to your local country’s domain extension such as .ph from where I’m at, the Philippines.

Just when you think that doodles are fresh and have only been introduced recently, it had actually begun as early as 1998 before the entire Google search engine was conceptualized through its founders Larry and Sergey. The very first doodle was of course made public during the site’s official launching. Two years later, Dennis Hwang (who was then an intern) was tasked to create a doodle for Bastille Day. The idea was a hit that Hwang was appointed to be the chief doodler who had since then designed doodles for special events and occasions including holidays. Hwang now has a team of doodle makers.

Google had already produced more than 1000 doodles not only for the main site but for various home pages throughout the world. You can view the entire gallery of past doodles through the Google Doodles finder archive page.


Check out one of the best Google doodles ever made! It’s the interactive Muppets for Jim Henson’s 75th birthday!


Doodles Store

You can also order your favorite doodle printed in various items including art & posters, clothing, cards & postage, home & pets, office products, accessories, and others. Click here for the Google doodle store.

Contribute a Doodle

You can send proposals for upcoming doodles by emailing Be patient as the team receives thousands of emails daily and may not be able to respond to your letter.

So what’s the Google doodle today? See and find out if there’s any!