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Digital Media – a New tool for Creativity

Digital media

Digital media is not exclusively designed for those who are knowledgeable with technology. Video streaming is available for anyone when shopping, riding aboard a taxi, and waiting at train stations through mobile devices. It is a useful tool for communication that has become very popular these days.

Design agencies are taking into account the trend for digital media. A creative design agency realizes what digital media can do in promoting and marketing a brand and in communicating among employees.

Amazing facts

People are too fond of videos that Google owned YouTube shows statistics for video streaming is at 2 BILLION hits every day. The U.K. shares about 35% of this audience. The recorded number is not from the entertainment world alone. B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) videos also share a percentage. More proof below:

  • The number of visitors of sites with videos rise up to 96%
  • Land Google’s first page of search results by over 50 times greater if videos are added in your site
  • Sales volume increases by up to 30% with videos
  • Visitors stay longer than 2 minutes on sites with videos
  • About 3-4 times more buyers will respond to videos compared with words

What creative design agency will not be compelled to use videos for branding, marketing, and communication based on these numbers?

Applying the concept

These statistics are fascinating but applying the concept may become a problem. Athlon Production was quoted for saying that digital media is refreshingly new. They too understand why even experts in branding, marketing, and communicating are easily swayed by the idea. But this should not leave the most important question about what the business needs to answer.

The aforementioned question should be answered meaningfully because digital media is not always for everyone. The same query will be also be mentioned by the people who pays for this video related services.

Content Matters

Once the basic is taken care of, applying the concept in accordance to what the company wants to convey is what’s next. Design agencies know what to do about this but you should still sit down with them on a critical reason. Tracc Film notes that even interesting concepts become uninteresting depending on the viewers. This has to be dealt with first. The presentation of the content follows after. Tracc Film believes that presenting the content has to be very convincing. Sliced Bread Animation on the other hand suggests that presentation is done through storytelling for a compelling way to share ideas.

The Value of Presentation

Obviously, digital media must be utilized according to the company’s principles. Although a creative design agency can handle this, you should validate everything nonetheless. Consistency amongst all things related to your brand must be achieved. Otherwise, buyers will not understand what is being conveyed as a whole.

Sliced Bread Animation compares digital media such as animation with noise levels. These should be balanced in order to achieve its purpose. Millions of pounds are spent yearly in relation to this. It is but imperative to make sure that noise levels being mentioned here are well proportioned.

Outcome which matters

Despite issues associated with the initial stage of utilizing digital media such as YouTube, one major advantage includes being able to measure success. Statistics are provided to see progress and to ensure that a return on investment or ROI is achieved.

What Gas Street Works suggests are methods to maximize what videos can do. Uploading videos to YouTube or Vimeo is not enough, creating a YouTube channel is better. This increases the number of users your company can reach and satisfy.


Digital media can become a very useful tool in for brand promotion and marketing as well as communication. Choosing the mode by which this is done is the most important factor.

People are inclined to be up to date with today’s technology. In the middle of this excitement, we should not disregard the old ways such as print advertising. Even design agencies understand the value of traditional options in communicating. Digital media is only a new tool in creativity.


Website Performance Tips: Four Web Design Elements That Slow Down Page Load Time

website performance tips
The speed in which your website loads in a users’  browser plays a critical role in traffic conversion. No matter how great and interesting your content is if it takes like forty years for them to appear, chances are, you’ll get very unsatisfied visitors which could later on result to a loss of readership or following on your end.
Remember that the first 10 seconds is the most important time in giving a quality user experience. If a searcher did not find what he was looking for on your site within that amount of time, he’ll go elsewhere to search for other resources. Hence, load time is truly vital in delivering satisfactory UX.

Here are four (4) web design elements that could be preventing you from having a fast-loading site. It’s time to give them a boot not only to create happy, regular campers but to boost your SEO rankings as well.

  1. Too much Flash. Flash is an impressive add-on because it could provide animated, interactive and immersive experience to anyone who views it. However, it could be very bulky that it could turn incredibly unfriendly. Moreover, in today’s mobile age, it would not be wise to install such fancy elements as they are not compatible with mobile devices.
  1. Overuse of third-party widgets. Popular widgets that include Jquery and Javascript codes could be cool to the eyes and could enhance your website’s functionality at some point. On the other hand, the process of loading those scripts from off-site locations could be a big contributor to the inconsistency of response times. If you have several of them installed, there’s the tendency that your page would freeze and be unresponsive altogether. How you place them within your pages, i.e. within the head, body or bottom of the body tag, is also another factor to consider.
  1. Unoptimized Images. Full-sized, high-resolution pictures could cause delays as well. If they are not properly optimized and resized, they could consume a lot of bandwidth when loaded. Among the common issues include wrong image format, maximum high-quality setting, width and height not scaled appropriately, even excessive usage in pagination, bulleted list, hover effects etc.
  1. Inefficient coding of stylesheets. This one is not just about unnecessary whitespaces, characters and line breaks. There are also concerns of not using the proper CSS reset, being overly specific when selecting the element to style, not practicing shorthand techniques and employing redundant selectors and properties.

Web Design Can Be Painless

wordpress templates

Coding, HTML, JPG files, Flash animations, and so on; the modern website can be pretty intense where technology and design are concerned. It can take an actual degree of some kind or another to really know just what you are doing as you begin to layout the different pages of a website or blog. As things begin to get interconnected or to feature more advanced functions; think scrolling galleries, videos, and more, it can be almost impossible to know just what you are doing.

Let’s not forget that all websites and blogs require the use of things like Meta data, tags, and titles that the website or blog reader may not even see. These are things that are meant to make the page readable by a search engine in order to allow an audience to actually find it.

So are you brave enough to design your own website or blog “from the ground up?” Few people are willing to even consider it but the alternative is not all that appealing either. That is because the use of a template can often make your website look exactly like hundreds of others. Opt for one that a few of the competitors have selected and you may not be able to actually compete against them due to plain, old fashioned confusion on the part of the viewer.

An Optimally Optimized Answer

Is there some sort of middle road or compromise between these extremes? The use of WordPress is often viewed as an ideal solution because it is one of the most user-friendly platforms and because of the many premium WordPress themes available. Unlike all other template-like options for websites and blogs, the themes are not inaccessible or locked from being altered.

Instead, all WordPress themes have open source codes and can be changed to suit the needs of the owner. So if you know enough about coding or HTML to make a few simple design changes (such as using custom colors or images) you can easily do so, and yet you also get to retain the optimized design.

This is the other part of WordPress that makes website design relatively painless and that is that straight out of the box, the platform makes pages of all kinds up to 90% optimized for search engines.

So you need to know almost nothing about the best SEO in order to begin doing quite well on the major search engines. You do need to dedicate the time and effort required for market research, as even the very best platform cannot intuitively fill in the blanks with the best terms and keywords.

However, if all you have to do is know your audience and what words to use to reach them, it makes your life that much easier.

Additional Features

In addition to the fundamental superiority of the WordPress design, there is the third level of benefit which is the ability to use a large number of plugins and widgets that can really optimize performance and results.

For example, there are many social media tools that can let you make it easier than ever for viewers to share your content. Let’s say you are an artist and you want a scrolling gallery of work on the site, there are plugins for that and this could be up and running in a matter of minutes. Let’s also say you want people to be able to like or share these images on social networks, there are plugins and widgets that allow this to happen and you get the SEO results!

Using WordPress is simple, but not so simple that you get a “plain as white paper” website or blog. Instead, you get something you can customize and refine to provide you with the best results imaginable.