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Skype Hidden Smileys You can Play with

skype hidden smileys

Did you know that there are Skype hidden smileys you can play with when using this application for chat? I’ll show you where to find them and how they are composed.

With nothing to do these past few days due to seemingly unceasing monsoon rains from where I’m at, my husband, who can’t come to work because the roads on the way to work are impassable, was on Skype with me the whole time. He accidentally discovered a secret that’s actually no longer a secret to many – hidden Skype icons.

The emoticons we have discovered are actually comprised of already existing smileys and were used artistically to form a cluster of icons portraying special characters and conveying certain messages such as love, happiness, and other mood or resembling objects like food & drinks, letters of the alphabet, names, places, etc. There are even sites which lets you compose your own sets of icons and build something out of a combination of smileys. One of such sites includes Check out the site and view various smiley art created by registered users. You can even make your own.

Have fun and be safe this season!

How Apps Are Changing Our Customer Service Experience

how apps are changing our customer service experience

We’re rapidly approaching a time (and may have already reached it) where people are more likely to use the Internet by way of a smartphone or tablet app than through an Internet browser. That means that all facets of online business, including retail, customer interface and customer service will eventually be available through a mobile version of the store.

Apps have already changed the way we shop; now, they are beginning to change the way that we pursue and are given customer service and assistance.

While there aren’t many companies who provide customer service apps, the ones that do are only a microcosm of a growing trend among businesses that have customer service being delivered in the following ways:

  • Quickly, with immediate access to resources and assistance
  • Less focused on calling and more focused on live online help or easily searchable FAQ pages
  • A central location for engaging with customer service and finding information

Since so many people are moving away from Internet browsers and depending more and more on their smart phones for accessing the web, it makes sense that companies would be seeking for a way to incorporate their customer service into the world of smartphone and tablet apps.

While it’s true that you can always call customer service via your smartphone, it’s not the most typical way to get things done anymore.

The challenge for the business app world is whether or not an app can take you through that process more quickly and with less stress.

Is an app actually better?

On a basic level, customer service apps are centralizing the support and customer service elements that were previously stretched between web pages and telephone calls.

The question is now whether or not setting things up that way is less stressful and time-consuming than the other options that are still in place for many companies. A lot of brands have an app for their store or business, but are hesitant to release an app that is specifically for the purpose of providing customer support.

Typically, when a customer needs support, the added time of having to search for and download another app isn’t an attractive option simply because you’ve now added two other steps to getting a desirable solution.

When presented with that scenario, someone who’s having a problem that they want dealt within a timely matter is still more likely to call instead of go through the trouble of finding an app.

The Future of Customer Service Apps

That’s not to say that apps aren’t going to play a role in the future of customer service; however, it is more likely that they’ll be consolidated into the company’s main app, or their most popular one that would have likely been downloaded already.

As previously mentioned, this will further contribute to the trend of consolidated customer service that mobile applications have already started to create.

We’ve got some ground to cover before any kind of significant percentage of customer service is delivered by way of a mobile or tablet app, but there has definitely been some shifts in the way consumers interact with websites and web-based companies.

Whether or not those apps prove to be more convenient than a computer and a phone number will determine their success.

QR Codes Compilation

QR Codes

For those who are still not familiar with the QR Codes, I’ve compiled a list of articles which you will informative about this mobile technology.

In a brief description, QR codes can be comparable to bar codes used for sales. An information is tagged upon the code. But unlike bar codes which only provide data about a product manually, QR codes redirect the mobile user through a website where more details about the product being offered can be found.


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QR Codes are used for mobile marketing campaigns and this Kindle ebook  40 Ways to Use QR Codes For Mobile Marketing from Amazon explains how marketing agencies and businesses can benefit from QR Codes.


NFC is a newer technology just recently available to several mobile devices. It is quite close to what QR Codes offer but can be used for more opportunities other than marketing.


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This Kindle ebook NFC: A beginners Guide to Near Field CommunicationNFC: A beginners Guide to Near Field Communication from Amazon tells you more about this technology.