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Why Data Backup is Important for Business

data backup

In this age of digital technology, your business is left behind without data backup. This is necessary to preserve important files including documents, contacts, emails, and other company files.

Although innovative options to save data are offered now, traditional methods are still available. These include computer hard drives, file storage disks, NAS or SAN, and other related storage solutions products. Utilizing these types of data backup solutions can be administered within the company’s budget and organization.

Online and offline data backup

Aside from data backup internally accomplished within the company’s bounds, your company may also take advantage of external services offering data backup solutions. These services offer online and offline data backup options. The former refers to web based data storage while the latter refers to file saving through a physical remote location.

Online data backup is often associated with cloud storage. This service enables subscribers not only data backup but also file access remotely. Any device with Internet connection can access the company’s files from any location and even while on the go. Offline or sometimes referred to as off site data backup on the other hand, still utilizes the Internet to automatically store specified files onto the receiving remote network location.

Traditional versus modern data backup

Between traditional and modern methods of data backup, the most obvious difference is the presence or absence of a physical storage. Traditional options are often accompanied by physical file backup solutions while more modern options are often without actual devices except for offline data backup.

The issue of cost will be dependent on certain factors. Although the old way appears to be less costly, the price of innovative solutions can be justified. There is also a note on convenience. The traditional ways require manual intervention in order to save files. New methods on the other hand are often on auto pilot. The data capacity is also often limited for the traditional while more files can be saved using modern ways. As for safety and security, newer data backup options are more reliable. The tendency of lost files due to natural disasters and even theft can even be avoided through these.

The importance of data backup for business

In relation to the possibility of losing files, businesses are taking advantage of either online or offline data backup in order to protect the company. Important business data when not backed up can impair the company’s operations in case data is lost and cannot be recovered.

The notion that brand new computers are sufficient to store files is wrong. Even new work computers can potentially be harmed by viruses, spyware, and other malware over the web. Thus, sales input, employee or customer data, and other company information must be backed up.

In connection to impaired operations, a company’s overall productivity for employees is also affected due to lost, corrupted, or missing files. Without a feasible data backup plan, businesses will suffer from lesser number of processed orders or transactions from customers and fewer tasks accomplished from employees.

Lesser orders or closed deals of course, convert to a smaller percentage of sales conversion. In other words, the company’s profits are lost due to the lack of data backup solutions.

Data backup solutions are necessary for any company to thrive in this modern world of technology. Data backup saves a business from potentially losing important data, losing work efficiency as well as productivity, losing money for expensive and sometimes ineffective data recovery, and losing sales or profits too.

The Benefits of Spy Cell SMS Technology

spy cell sms

Text messaging has gone a long way since it was first introduced a few years ago. This service had connected countless subscribers among each other for work and personal purposes. Text messaging, also called SMS or short messaging service had also saved everyone millions for communication with lesser fees compared to phone calls. This convenience also opened doors for many to wonder what their beloved are texting about and who they are texting with.

Cell Phone Spying Technology

While messages can be deleted including logs so there is no trace of SMS transactions, no one is helpless and clueless. A spy cell SMS technology can actually be used to find out about a target’s activity when it comes to text messaging.

The word “target” may sound like a government investigation or worse, an illegal practice from a private organization. But despite any negative connotation, there are benefits of spying over cellular SMS activity of the people we care for.

These types of services can let parents know what their kids are up to. It’s not always about misbehaving children; it can be for their safety too. Teenagers and school kids for one are vulnerable to potential danger from their environment that they are normally hesitant to tell parents.

Aside from kids, couples often have the need to be aware of their partner’s texting activity. Most especially if one party is doubtful about the other’s honesty. Either side wants to be assured that the other is not having any illicit affair.

What Cell Phone Spying Technology Does

In relation to the issues above, cell phone spying technology had been developed to provide an option for parents to protect their kids and for couples to know what their partners are up to. Aside from spying on text messages, this type of technology can also spy on phone calls and track down where the user is located.

Features on SMS and phone calls spying as well as GPS tracking makes it easier for parents to know where their children are and what they are doing at any given time of the day. Couples on the other hand can either be reassured that their partner is providing accurate details or may have to prepare for the worst of finding out they are actually lying.

Cell phone spying technology is no longer exclusive to government intelligence units. Various companies have developed phone spying products which are designed for the consuming public.

Software offering this type of service provides the same features mentioned above. While some software are available for free, there is a catch. Most of these are too complicated to use, may not even work at all, may come with a virus, and will record your contact information such as an email address for spamming purposes.

There are also paid spy cell SMS software available at prices starting from $25 to $50. These products are more than enough to patrol your children’s safety and keep you sane.

4 Activities Performed by a Smartphone Monitoring App

smartphone monitoring app

Smartphone is a next generation technology device that has brought the whole communication regime into the hands of the user. Be it a phone call, video call, voice recorder or even a  browser, each and every mode of communication is now made available to the smartphone user at a cost for as low as $100.

But one must also know that there are such facilities available in the market that can put the smartphone activities under scan. There is a plethora of services offered by such spy software providers that can put a smartphone user under surveillance, that too without his or her knowledge.

Cell phone spyware is one such software company that has been able to intrude into the privacy of smartphone users. The software produced by them works stealthily and there is no concept called ‘out of sight-out of mind’ applicable to those smartphones that are tracked using this application. This application is quite easy to download and data, as detailed as a life-story, is made available to the software user round the clock.

Some of the mind-blowing activities performed by a smartphone monitoring app are:

1. Text message tracking. Every character and image sent through the smartphone on surveillance is under the scrutiny of the mobile monitoring app user. Deleting the content has no meaning as historic data is also made available to the app account holder in a categorized manner.

2. Conversation tracking. A call between two people is not restricted to the two of them anymore. All words spoken as well as sounds from the surrounding area where you are using the smartphone are no more a secret for the mobile phone monitoring app user.

3. Mobile controlling. The app user is able to control the smartphone under surveillance from a remote location. The user can send secret commands to the target the phone through hidden SMS that may alter the functioning of mobile phone completely. Removal and blocking of applications, deletion of contacts and knowing about the login times are some of the functions that can now be performed by spy software user.

4. Cell ID location and task monitor. If there are memos and tasks saved in the target phone, these can also be known. In addition to this, even cell ID can also be located in real time with this monitoring app.


The installation of this software is same as that for any application on a mobile phone. The user is given a separate account to savor all the information from the target smartphone leisurely and the information is also sorted logically to save the time of going through all the content randomly. The user requires only one time access to the target phone to install the app. After the installation, the app starts working in a stealth mode updating all details asked for by the user.

The mobile monitoring app tracker has changed the meaning of mobile communication. Now a days, if you are giving your phone number to somebody, perhaps you are extending your whole world to him unknowingly. Hence, mobile phone tracking itself needs a checking mechanism to ensure that the tracking facility is not being misused and that the privacy of the smartphone user is not at undue risk.