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Photoshop Tutorial: Swapping of Heads

photoshop tutorial

This is my second Photoshop tutorial and here,  I will show you how to swap heaps of two people. This could be used for fun purposes or for some professional work. Alright let’s start with it.

1. First, open any image that you wanna work with in Photoshop. Here, I am going to use this image for swapping purpose.

Photoshop Ghost Brushes

photoshop ghost brushes

In this post, I am providing you with some Gothic style brushes that you can use to create spooky effects.

These brushes will include ghosts skulls, Gothic images, abandoned lands, ghosts figures like lady with a boy, or a girl child, or a bride’s ghost and many more spooky brushes that will make your Photoshop images look ghostly.

Awesome Blade Text Effect


Photoshop CS5 has always provided it’s innovative users with so many special features and new facilities. It’s like a magic wand in the hands of a user and it depends on him or her how he or she uses it. But first of all, you need to learn some basics of Photoshop like working the layers, getting familiar with the tools, and many other features provided by Photoshop CS5.

There are various online tutorials for Photoshop. The best ones are available  at VTC and LYNDA. These are video tutorials to make it for you to understand Photoshop basics.