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Digital Media – a New tool for Creativity

Digital media

Digital media is not exclusively designed for those who are knowledgeable with technology. Video streaming is available for anyone when shopping, riding aboard a taxi, and waiting at train stations through mobile devices. It is a useful tool for communication that has become very popular these days.

Design agencies are taking into account the trend for digital media. A creative design agency realizes what digital media can do in promoting and marketing a brand and in communicating among employees.

Amazing facts

People are too fond of videos that Google owned YouTube shows statistics for video streaming is at 2 BILLION hits every day. The U.K. shares about 35% of this audience. The recorded number is not from the entertainment world alone. B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) videos also share a percentage. More proof below:

  • The number of visitors of sites with videos rise up to 96%
  • Land Google’s first page of search results by over 50 times greater if videos are added in your site
  • Sales volume increases by up to 30% with videos
  • Visitors stay longer than 2 minutes on sites with videos
  • About 3-4 times more buyers will respond to videos compared with words

What creative design agency will not be compelled to use videos for branding, marketing, and communication based on these numbers?

Applying the concept

These statistics are fascinating but applying the concept may become a problem. Athlon Production was quoted for saying that digital media is refreshingly new. They too understand why even experts in branding, marketing, and communicating are easily swayed by the idea. But this should not leave the most important question about what the business needs to answer.

The aforementioned question should be answered meaningfully because digital media is not always for everyone. The same query will be also be mentioned by the people who pays for this video related services.

Content Matters

Once the basic is taken care of, applying the concept in accordance to what the company wants to convey is what’s next. Design agencies know what to do about this but you should still sit down with them on a critical reason. Tracc Film notes that even interesting concepts become uninteresting depending on the viewers. This has to be dealt with first. The presentation of the content follows after. Tracc Film believes that presenting the content has to be very convincing. Sliced Bread Animation on the other hand suggests that presentation is done through storytelling for a compelling way to share ideas.

The Value of Presentation

Obviously, digital media must be utilized according to the company’s principles. Although a creative design agency can handle this, you should validate everything nonetheless. Consistency amongst all things related to your brand must be achieved. Otherwise, buyers will not understand what is being conveyed as a whole.

Sliced Bread Animation compares digital media such as animation with noise levels. These should be balanced in order to achieve its purpose. Millions of pounds are spent yearly in relation to this. It is but imperative to make sure that noise levels being mentioned here are well proportioned.

Outcome which matters

Despite issues associated with the initial stage of utilizing digital media such as YouTube, one major advantage includes being able to measure success. Statistics are provided to see progress and to ensure that a return on investment or ROI is achieved.

What Gas Street Works suggests are methods to maximize what videos can do. Uploading videos to YouTube or Vimeo is not enough, creating a YouTube channel is better. This increases the number of users your company can reach and satisfy.


Digital media can become a very useful tool in for brand promotion and marketing as well as communication. Choosing the mode by which this is done is the most important factor.

People are inclined to be up to date with today’s technology. In the middle of this excitement, we should not disregard the old ways such as print advertising. Even design agencies understand the value of traditional options in communicating. Digital media is only a new tool in creativity.


The Evolution of Media Convergence: Why Some People are not Happy about it

media convergence

It was in 1997 when I first heard the words “media convergence.”  My boss at that time was talking about how in due time TV, telephone, cable, and the Internet will be one and will change some of our daily habits like watching TV, communicating with people, and accessing information.  I knew that it was not his idea but had read it somewhere as he was a bookworm.  He explained to me that media convergence is a synergy of different forms of media through the help of technology.

From 1997, a lot of technological breakthroughs occurred.  Cell phones became digital instead of analog.  Cable companies started to become wireless.  Internet access was rapidly expanding to a greater number of people. Mobile phones were getting smaller and more affordable.  More features were installed.  Telephone companies were buying and partnering with Internet providers and later on after the millennium, they provided their own mobile and broadband services.  Cable companies has either disappeared or merged with big telecommunications companies.

After 2001, MP3’s become popular, electronic gadgets installed applications like web browser and networking tools, mobile phones have digital camera, MP3 player, camcorder, voice recorder, GPS, and other advanced features, tools, or applications.  Radio and TV programs were already available online.  Printed materials such as books, magazines, and newspapers were gaining popularity in terms of access.

The Internet is a vital link towards this digital revolution but since it is already past infancy stage, the term is no longer applicable; I believe “digital adaptation” is more appropriate. When mobile phones became sophisticated, telecommunication companies has crossed the barrier of audio and video programming into the Internet. Computer functions as well as operating systems are embedded in mobile and other electronic gadgets such as gaming devices and consoles. Media convergence has then become a reality following these developments.  This has been made possible because of the Internet.

The effect was tremendous to the human population.  While majority were just too happy with digital adaptation, there are some people who were not only unhappy but mad as well.  Mobile phones eliminated long distance operators.  Broadband companies destroyed Internet cafes. In other words, hundred thousands of jobs and people were displaced.  Downloading became popular and copyright owners shouted foul and demanded rigid online policies regarding intellectual properties.  Electronic consumers are fed with new products and various technologies become passé after six months to one year while millions are having a difficult time coping with the advances in terms of money.

Lastly, media convergence has brought millions of junks. As tools, gadgets, audio and video electronic systems are rapidly changing and people are acquiring the latest models, it can only mean trashing the older models.  Think of how many millions of mobile phones, laptops, desktops, CRT TV’s, LCD’s and other electronic items are thrown in the garbage yearly?!

The gaining popularity of Smart TV’s and the resurgence of Plasma TVs have spurred new demands for these products to benefit the effects of media convergence.  We can only know the effect of these on jobs, environment, copyright owners, and to people later.