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Google Chrome Incognito Window

Google Chrome incognito window

Ever heard of the Google Chrome incognito window? If not, let TechBugs introduce you to this browser option which is only available in Chrome enabled desktops, tablets, smart phones, and other devices.

What is Incognito Window?

So what is the incognito window all about? In Chrome, this browsing option enables users to browse through pages privately. Files downloaded and the history of all pages visited during the duration of your web usage including web search is not recorded. As soon as you close the actual window, cookies are also automatically deleted. Any browser changes performed including updating settings and bookmarking sites are saved though.


What are not prevented though are potential dangers common over the Internet such as websites which gather personal information and utilize it without permission. Details you’ve provided to websites you’ve visited remains with the website as well. For example, when you logon to your Google account while on incognito, your web searches are saved on your Google account’s history unless you have specified restrictions through the Google account settings itself.

It also can’t shield you from Internet providers as well as employers who have employed options and means to monitor web subscribers and employees activities online, respectively. You’re also not protected from surveillance operations conducted online by authorities. At Internet shops, particularly those with no cubicle divisions, incognito can’t stop people close to your station from peeping at your monitor as well as your activities over the web. Lastly, be wary of software which records keystrokes in order to obtain personal data such as passwords and bank information in exchange for freebies, smileys, and through invitations cloaked in links.

How to Use it

To start using this option, you can either open the incognito window from the Chrome’s browser’s menu found on toolbar. Look for an icon on the upper right hand corner which looks like this.

The first three options allow you to open a new tab, a new window, or a new incognito window. Should you choose to keep the main browser window open, you can do so even while the incognito is up.

You may also right click over the Chrome icon on your desktop tray and look for the option to open an incognito window.

Lastly, you can simply use shortcut keys Ctrl+Shift+N when using Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS or ⌘-Shift-N for Mac. If you are a Windows 8 user, you can easily switch from one window to another by clicking on the  icon located at the upper right hand corner.

Personal Use

Personally, opening an incognito window is beneficial for me if I need to login to two different email accounts from the same email extension such as Gmail. I can open my personal/business email on the main window and open a client provided email on the other one. I can use them both at the same time without inconveniently being bothered by having to logout from one email to another.

If you haven’t started using the Google Chrome incognito window yet, take advantage of the benefits mentioned above now!