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iPhone 4S Launched, iPhone 5 Launch Halted


The iPhone 4S has all the unique and best features available today in the market if compared to any other phone. It’s an updated version of the bestselling iPhone yet, the iPhone 4. But everyone was expecting iPhone 5 that is for sure, but Apple surprised everybody with the iPhone 4S launched instead.

iPhone 4S has all the latest technology updates and features that will surely make it popular among the users looking for an amazing experience.

iPhone 4S launched




1. Colors

  • White
  • Black

2. Capacity

  • 16 GB:$199
  • 32GB:$299
  • 64GB:$399

3. Features

  • Dual Core A5 Processor
  • 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 4.0

4. Display

  • 3.5 inch wide multi-touch screen
  • Retina display
  • 960×640 pixel resolution at 326 ppi

5. Camera

  • 8 MP Autofocus camera
  • LED flash
  • Face Detection
  • Front camera is a VGA camera
  • Full HD video recording (1080 p)

6. Media Support

  • Video:H.264 AAC-LC,MPEG-4,M4V,MP4,MOV

7. Viewable Document Types

  • Images: .Jpeg,.tiff,.Gif
  • MS Excel,Powerpoint,Word Support
  • .txt,.pdf,.vcf,.rtf are also supported

Unique SIRI feature:

 iPhone 4S launched

This is one of the unique feature that has not been available in any iPhone till now, Siri Feature is a voice command Personal assistant app. This intelligent feature allows you to do things by just asking the Siri app. If you ask iPhone ‘what is the weather,’ then it would response by saying that here is your weather forecast and a pop-up will appear displaying today’s weather. This feature was demonstrated by Scott Forstall, Apple’s senior Vice-President.

He asked that “Do I need a raincoat today,” Siri replied by saying, “It sure looks like a rainy day.”

This awesome app is also able to find hotels, movie times, restaurant, and can read text messages and much more.

So what are your Opinion on the iPhone 4s launched, will it survive the market competition or fail?