The Basics of Reseller Hosting

reseller hosting

Reseller hosting is a form of web hosting. Here, the reseller becomes an intermediary for a web hosting company. The reseller sells web hosting services using disk space, bandwidth, and other features offered by the source ISP (Internet Service Provider). The reseller pays a monthly fee for the plan and gains a profit through the collected fees from individuals and companies that buy web hosting plans through the reseller account.

What the reseller hosting plan owner does is to purchase an ample amount of space from the web hosting provider and divides this between clients. The leasing sites then pay the reseller with monthly fees. If there are a sufficient number of clients, the reseller’s monthly dues can be paid off and anything which remains becomes the profit gained from the whole process.

Three Types of Reseller Hosting Plans

There are three types of reseller hosting plans. The first can be considered a mere affiliate who recommends the ISP and earns from a commission when people buy through the code or link associated to the reseller affiliate account.

The secondary type allows the reseller account to create a unique brand. This means that the web hosting services can be sold under the reseller’s company name but the services used are still that of the original ISP. The customer, billing, and technical support needs will still be provided through the web hosting service provider.

The third reseller kind provides complete control for the reseller account. Here, not only a unique brand is created but all operations will be dependent on the reseller. They will provide the support needed by subscribers. The web hosting will still be through the ISP though.

Aside from the three major types of reseller hosting plans, there is also a difference when it comes to how much disk space, bandwidth, and domains can be provided for each subscribing client. Domains are most of the time unlimited but not disk space and bandwidth. The higher the disk space and bandwidth provided, the greater the fees for the reseller plan as well.

Choosing a Reseller

When choosing a reseller, there are factors which must be considered. It is recommended to shop around to compare rates and features offered. When it comes to the fee, find out if this is collected monthly or yearly. As for features, check how much bandwidth and disk space will be allotted upon subscribing. Know how many clients can be accommodated as well. In relation to this, it is best to pick a reseller hosting provider which allows upgrades. In case the reseller hosting business expands, there is an opportunity to add more clients without having to cancel everything and apply for a bigger space.

Other important features include a user-friendly control panel which inexperienced website owners can be able to navigate with ease. These types of customers will constitute a greater portion of potential clients. No one expects an experienced web master to subscribe for web hosting services through a reseller. Its the individuals and businesses with little or no experience in building websites which are most likely going to subscribe to a reseller hosting service.

Aside from the control panel, determine what other tools are provided upon subscribing to the service. Most reseller accounts are equipped with a billing system in order to keep track with billing for clients under their service. Site building software and templates are often included too.

As mentioned earlier, the type of support which can be provided to clients is also important. For this reason, the first and second types of reseller hosting are better options. In case the third type is chosen, be ready with an internal support group to provide clients’ needs.

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Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

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