Why Men Love Remote Control Airplanes

remote control airplanes

There are many hobbies and pastimes that men choose to engage in, and one particularly interesting hobby is collecting and flying remote control airplanes.  Not a lot of men engage in this hobby because it entails a considerable amount of monetary investment. RC planes are not cheap, and basic models on the average, may run for hundreds to even thousands of dollars. It will also cost even more money to customize the aircraft and maintain it to a working condition. And of course, in case of accidents and other mishaps, money will be spent in repairing the model airplane.

Taking aside the financial requirements of this hobby, it is quite rewarding, particularly for those who take it seriously. It takes a lot to try and make an aircraft fly, even if it is just a model. It is designed similarly to real life airplanes and everything from the mechanisms, to the electronics, and even the control systems are simulated almost exactly like those seen in their bigger counterparts.

And with this being said, a lot of work goes behind the scenes before an airplane is ready for liftoff. From assembling the model aircraft, to adjusting the electronics that take control of the rudder, to deciding on how much power to incorporate into the motor that would be sufficient enough to provide lift as well as speed, without sacrificing stability, and even to adjusting the frequency of the plane to the control, takes hours, days, weeks, and even months of hard work just to get the combination right. Countless test flights are run in order to check if the inputs are sufficient.

Hence, this hobby would appeal to men because of the very technical nature of remote control airplanes. The amount of detail that comes into it and the fact that you’re working for hours on end with wrenches, screwdrivers, WD40s, and other tools is enough to make a man feel like a man. Flying the aircraft; after all the hours spent is something special in itself.

Although it comes nowhere near flying real airplanes, it is probably the closest anybody would get to becoming a pilot. And this hobby is a social hobby, which could be shared with family and friends. This is a hobby that is more fulfilling because you can share your ideas, your tips and tricks, and even learn things that you have never known possible from other men who enjoy flying model aircraft. This may seem like child’s’ play but the reality is quite the opposite. It takes a real man to take up remote control airplanes for his hobby. A lot could go wrong, and there is much work that needs to be done, but accomplishing it all, and seeing that bird fly into the sunset is indeed quite special.

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About Maria Marilyn:
Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

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