Finding Precise Position and More with Garmin Rino 530HCx

Garmin Rino 530HCx

How often did you wish of tracking down your group mates easily?  How often were you bothered with discussing locations which are not specific and sometimes very confusing?  In this age of computer and technology wonders, you wish for a two way radio that tracks people exactly where they are.  Garmin Company, a leader in communication technology has provided the answer for you with their latest innovative product known as Garmin Rino 530HCx.  It is an improved model of the ever reliable and versatile Rino series which is loaded with more features than ever before, making it one of the most useful and functional radio gadgets in the market.

Let us learn about these interesting features that are lost in other radio devices.  Since Rino 530 is an upgraded version of older Garmin Rino models, there are definitely better features installed, thereby enhancing its usefulness for handheld radio enthusiasts.   These include the following:

  • Two way radio and GPS in one
  • Loaded with navigational tools
  • Routing capability
  • Memory card slot
  • Enhanced display

Two way radio and GPS in One

Garmin rino 530 is not only a simple hand held radio, it is more than that.   Finding the exact location of people is not a problem anymore as this unit is equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS).  Thus, you will not encounter hazy description of locations.  This tool points you exactly to places where your friends or families are standing by waiting for you.

Loaded With Navigational Tools

Aside from GPS, it is packed with electronic compass, height meter (altimeter), and weather radio channel.  These features come in handy not only in normal situations like outdoor activities but also very useful in extreme situations like rescue operations. The electronic compass feature gives exact position details whether you are at stand still or mobile, while the altimeter gives elevation report to indicate exact altitude and even useful to check weather pressure.  With the help of NOAA radio channel, you will know what lies ahead in terms of weather.

Routing Capability

With Garmin Rino 530HCx, going into the right direction is not a grave concern.  It has an automatic routing capability that pinpoints access to locations.  Even if you make a wrong turn, this feature gives you details on how to get back to the desired location.   Thus, tracking people becomes a simple activity.

Memory Card Slot

This feature in Rino 530 allows you to insert additional detailed maps.  You will not get lost in your next outdoor activity since it can provide a precise process on how to reach your next hunting or fishing location.

Enhanced Display

Garmin Rino 530 is packed with 256 TFT color display.  The unit is now more capable to show detailed maps together with landmarks such as rivers, lakes, and structures. Thus, you get the big picture.

With all these features, this product helps people better in their outdoor rendezvous.

The Advantages

  • Precise positioning details that give vivid description of the location, thus depending on mental images of locations are now a thing of the past.
  • Locating people in various terrain conditions is as simple as ABC.  The navigational tools installed give more details, thus giving precise information of your whereabouts.
  • Being lost in deep woods or in any location is not a concern since the product has different features that can lead you in the right direction. Worrying about wrong turns can be eased out with the help of various features.
  • An ideal product for outdoor fanatics because it is loaded with very useful navigational tools as noted in most walkie–talkie reviews sites.
  • Since it is a two in one product, it combines functions found commonly among two way radios and a detailed tracking device that gives user more confidence to go outdoors.

The Disadvantages

  • Just like other brands, there is a compatibility issue. Sad to say, it is only compatible with preloaded maps sold by Garmin.
  • One online review complained that there are features which are not actually useful.
  • With so many features loaded, it takes a great deal of time to familiarize with the product.
  • Tracking benefits are only compatible with Rino models.
  • Relatively expensive, given that its packed with outstanding features, however, some of these features may not be frequently used. It becomes even more expensive when you add extras.

How Much Is Rino 530?

Original price is at more than $500; however, Amazon has offered a better deal, giving buyers lots of savings.  The product is now sold at $414.98.  Other online stores peg their prices from $380 to $499.  Take note that the price is limited to the unit and its accessories only.  Other product enhancements or extras are subject to different set of prices.

Product Warranty

Just like any Garmin product, this item has one year manufacturer warranty.  Of course, it is only limited to product defects not due to user mishandling or abuses.

Inclusions in the box

For every  purchase of this product, the customer also gets to receive the following; one unit each of user manual, a base map, wrist strap, USB cable belt clip lithium battery pack with charger, adapter (AC) starter guide, MapSource Trip and Waypoint Manager and of course, the Rino 530HCx radio.

The Bottom Line

Buying this product may not be easy on your pocket, especially when you choose to include product enhancements or extras with your purchase.  However, discounting price issue, the product is ideal for people who love outdoor activities.  This will give them confidence that they can be tracked down easily should unfortunate incident occur while hiking, camping, fishing, or trekking.

While too many features may impede familiarization of the product, you will never know that you might find different product features very useful at some future point in time.  When you do have the funds to buy this product, it is really worth digging into your pockets.  Who knows, you might end up a hero using this product during rescue operations?

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Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

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