Like or Dislike the HP Compaq Presario CQ43-206TU

HP Compaq Presario CQ43-206TU

At first, the HP Compaq Presario CQ43 was an ideal secondary laptop. It offers features which an average gamer will appreciate. It’s not a gaming laptop or a work laptop but appeared satisfactory enough to assume both roles. And so I love it the first time we got it.

What I Like

What I like about this specific Presario CQ43 model (there are several Presario varieties and CQ43 alone has many as well) are the following features and specifications:

  •  2 GHz Intel Pentium B940 processor with 2 MB L3 cache
  • 2 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 memory
  • 500 GB SATA (5400 rpm) hard drive
  • 14.0″ High-Definition LED HP Brightview Display (1366 x 768) display
  • Intel HD video graphics
  • Altec Lansing speakers

For full product specifications, visit here.

The specs above are not designed for hard core gamers but definitely work for average gaming coupled with video viewing, web surfing, and office type related work. The screen size is large enough for an optimum video experience along with high definition video graphics and high quality speakers. When you connect it with an HDMI player such as Pensonic and a LED TV like Coby, you can setup a humble home theater right at the comfort of your own home.

What I Dislike

However, when it comes to longevity, the product is not guaranteed to withstand the test of time and harmful content like viruses. Anyway, there’s no computer immune to malicious files. Nonetheless, after two years of very minimal usage since it’s only a secondary computer, our CQ43-206TU now needs computer shop repairs.


Browsing through the web for other user reviews, there are varying opinions when it comes to this product; a majority of which are positive actually in contrast to our own personal experience with it. Hence, you can either love or hate the HP Compaq Presario CQ43-206TU depending on how usage turns out for you over time.

About Maria Marilyn:
Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

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