5 Technologies That Make Us Powerful


Modern people have a lot to thank for due to the development of technologies.  Each year, new gadgets, tools, and applications become more sophisticated and advanced. These allow people to perform tasks much easier than before.  A lot of these technologies empower not only people but organizations whether private or government.  These not only offer them savings in terms of resources, but offer other benefits as well.

Surveillance Technologies

While it is true that there are criminal acts which remain undetected; undeniably, modern surveillance gadgets have improved and deterred or curbed criminal activities.  Surveillance cameras installed in traffic lights and other strategic locations have helped monitor and apprehend traffic violators and criminals. A lot of minor law enforcement violations were solved because of these gadgets.  In addition, it helped people to become conscious with regards to following law enforcement rules as they are aware that there are tools which monitor their activities.

Personal Computers

When personal computers elevated to graphic user interface, a lot of improvements have been evident. Software became sophisticated, allowing multiple browsers and enabling people to multitask.  Latest processors became more powerful; thus, it inspired new gadgets and software to be developed that are compatible with latest processors. These enable people to work on more sophisticated tasks like editing pictures and movies or creating animations or new programs, to name some.  These things have only one objective in mind: to improve the way we do things.

Cellular Phones

Android technologies do not only improve the way cell phones are used.  Mobile gadgets nowadays allow people not only to text and call but do things which they can normally only do through their desktops or laptops such as gaming, going online, and performing other computing activities.  Today, you’ll see people tinkering with handheld gadgets and playing “Angry Birds,” monitoring their social networking pages, opening their emails, receiving feeds from subscription websites, and listening or watching audio and video for relaxation.

Memory Card Holder

Floppy disks and CDs are now a thing of the past, thanks to USB gadgets which offer more storage capacity than their previous memory holder tool counterparts.  Not only are people able to carry with them huge files, they can also store multiple formats such as audio and video on top of office files such as Word, Excel, Access, and Powerpoint.  Whereas before USB, people have to carry a lot of diskettes and CD ROM with them if they want to bring along computer files.  Today, with a 64GB USB gadget, you can even copy the whole file that you need in your desktop and bring it along with you anywhere you go.

Picture in Picture LED TV

Think about doing two things at the same time.  The PIP technology in TV has allowed people to watch their favorite TV show and at the same time use it as a computer monitor.  With the help of VGA connectors and the remote control, one cannot miss anything that is on TV while monitoring what is online simultaneously.

In time, new technologies will be introduced and will give people more power.  Maybe one day, we will find the latest technologies embedded in our body and we do not have to press buttons but we automatically respond to it instead.  Let us wait for that day and see what power it will bring to mankind.

About Alden Bula:
Alden works for a major electronics company in the Philippines. He blogs at Denal's Mind during his free time.

Alden works for a major electronics company in the Philippines. He blogs at Denal's Mind during his free time.

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