Why Should Technological Innovations be Halted Temporarily

technological innovations

The influx of technological breakthrough leaves every human being astounded but there is a need to have a rest period temporarily.  Technology is both a blessing and a curse.  The benefits that we reap from latest gadgets, tools, and applications make our lives comfortable and relatively easy to deal with.  We are able to process activities in work and personal matters without delay and with quick access.  However, not all of us are able to cope up with the latest trends in technology; thus, there should be cessation period to develop new technologies.  Why?

1. It is time to evaluate technology.  Profit dictates why companies need to adapt technologies which are faster and cost efficient.  But some of the products available are really useless and are just vanity products catered to a selected few.  Without a doubt, technological manufacturers must be monitored and controlled to limit production to products which are really necessary for mankind.

2. Give time for people to adapt to current technologies.  Some of us are not yet familiar with our latest gadgets, tools, and applications and then new models are introduced with latest technological innovations and so we panic.  Our sensibilities are challenged, we become envious, we become greedy, and we want to show off.  But what about others who has yet to familiarize with new trends?  Isn’t it right that we give time for them to adjust before we move on with the latest technological innovations?

3. Give time for the environment to relax.  When new breakthroughs are introduced, it follows that these will be embedded in new products.  New products can only mean more manufacturing demands and then more resources needed to manufacture it.  Where do we get these?  From our environment of course!  Let us pause for a while in developing new products and give our environment time to rehabilitate naturally.

4. Rethink, regroup, and retool.  Along with benefits, we also suffer setbacks with technology.  Technological innovations are also used to harm people.  It is important that innovation should be limited to those which give benefit to a greater number of people and not for a limited few. The same improvement has the capacity to destroy millions.  Let us not add more problems to the world.  Let us use technology as a means to preserve relationship and humanity as well.

5. Give time to address more pressing problems such as hunger, hate, prejudice, and inequality.  While latest technological innovations help people, these do not help lessen the problems mentioned beforehand.  Instead, it helps widen the gap between those affected and those who are benefited.  Before we think of how holographs help us realize the images we see in sci-fi movies, let us first deal with world’s problems and avoid situations where the Earth is destroyed as most science fiction films suggest.

Yes, there is really a need to temporarily halt technological innovations and evaluate how current technologies affect mankind. From there, let us support technologies that will offer more positive benefits like cure to AIDS and cancer.  We can also first find ways to develop technology that will foster better relationship among various religious, political, and cultural groups.

About Alden Bula:
Alden works for a major electronics company in the Philippines. He blogs at Denal's Mind during his free time.

Alden works for a major electronics company in the Philippines. He blogs at Denal's Mind during his free time.

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