4 Features to Look for in Fully Automatic Washing Machines

fully automatic washing machines

Modern women are very lucky.  They lived to see the day when washing clothes no longer involve hard work. From the moment that washing machines were invented, it became a basic necessity when you talk about convenience.

Over the years, this product keeps on improving and right now, almost all imaginable features that modern women want are installed.  However, not all women are very familiar with everything their fully automatic washing machines can offer. They need to be informed on how to use these features and take advantage of all the benefits associated with it.

Smart Sensors

Regardless of brand and capacity, all fully automatic washing machines are embedded with smart sensors so you can program your washing activity.  With the help of digital buttons and a LED display output, all you have to do is press on buttons and select the required inputs in order for the fully auto washing machines to perform functions you desire.

Some of the most interesting features involved with smart sensors are:

1. Wash While You Are Away Function. Different brands call it differently but the function and the purpose are all the same.  This feature allows you to program washing while you are in the office so that by the time you get home, the clothes are cleaned and dried.

2. Capacity Level Functions. Similarly, it is called differently by several brands but it only means the same thing.  This feature allows washing machines to detect if the load is beyond the capacity limit and if it needs more water or more detergent.  Press buttons and then load the inputs. Presto! You can wash your clothes without worrying about water, detergent, and load capacity levels.

3. Fuzzy Logic and Chaos Functions. These are two of the most important features that you have to look for when buying fully automatic washing machines.  It is a washing technology that mimics washing clothes manually. These functions are supposed to make your clothes tangle free and cleaner as if they were washed using your bare hands. There are no buttons to push. The unit itself is already programmed to activate these features once the unit is in use.

4. Child Lock Features. Do not forget to look for this feature when buying a washing machine. It helps protect the unit and your kids as well.  This feature is designed to keep the unit from continuing its washing function when your kids are randomly playing with and pressing buttons.  Different brands have different ways of installing this feature.  Some brands install a separate child lock button that you can press when you want to activate it. Other brands require three digital buttons to be pushed simultaneously to engage child lock options.

As a final reminder, it helps that you read the product manual. You can find instructions on how to use different features installed on your fully automatic washing machines.  In addition, you can also ask for a product demonstration of the unit for you to appreciate these features well.

About Alden Bula:
Alden works for a major electronics company in the Philippines. He blogs at Denal's Mind during his free time.

Alden works for a major electronics company in the Philippines. He blogs at Denal's Mind during his free time.

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