The Terrafugia Transition – a Real Flying Car Today!

real flying car

Ever wished for a real flying car when you’re stuck in traffic? Like something similar to aerial automobiles in some TV shows and movies? Wish no more! A technology (we thought was) from the future is here today! The world’s first ever flying car called Terrafugia Transition had been recently introduced at the EAA AirVenture air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin last July 29 and 31 through two 20-minute test flights. It was also introduced last year at a New York car show.

The flying car can transform from a land vehicle into an air plane and vice versa in just 30 seconds through a push button with an automated electromechanical folding system for its wings. The transition offers anyone flying with it the convenience of not having to hail a taxi cab once it lands on an airport from say a long interstate flight.

It can take off from a runway of 1700 feet over obstacles at a height of 50 feet. Its flight speed had been tested at 115 miles per hour on maximum while its road test showed cruise speed of 105 mph. That’s technically not too fast but at least it can prevent land based traffic for both public and private transportation. However, it can only carry one pilot/driver plus one passenger and a carry-on luggage of up to 500 lbs.

The TF-XTM is currently being developed by the same company as a four seater flying car model.

On the ground, the car measures 2m in height, 2.3m in width, and 6m in length. In flight, the wingspan measures 8m and the cockpit is a little over 1m wide. When parked, it fits a garage. The car is powered by regular unleaded gasoline of 87 L capacity. It is fuel efficient, consuming only 6.7 liter per 100 km. As an aircraft, it burns 18.9 L per hour.

The U.S. FAA or Federal Aviation Administration has classified the air craft as a light sports plane. The car is also legally licensed as a road vehicle by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It had passed all safety standards for both air and land. Additionally, the flying car is manufactured with polycarbonate materials instead of automotive safety glass, preventing the windshield’s glass from shattering in case the aircraft hits a bird while on flight. Also, the tires are heavier than regular vehicles to accommodate both land driving and flight landing. It comes with a parachute and other emergency equipment too.

The car costs $300,000. That’s pretty decent for a plane/car compared to expensive sports cars in the market today. Its Boston based manufacturing company, Terrafugia, said it may go on sale by 2015. You can invest or reserve a flying car today through

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Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

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