Some Exciting Possible Technologies of the Future

star trek technology

Aside from memory implantation as featured in the previous post, there are other possible technologies of the future many will be excited to hear about. Some of which will be listed in this article.

Star Trek Technology

Many of us grew up seeing Star Trek on TV and everything about it was fascinating. It’s even more thrilling to know that some of the technologies present on the show can become a reality in the future. In fact, some are presently seen now including flip phones and tablet computers.

But the most exhilarating technology in Star Trek is the ship travelling during hyper drive where supposedly it’s speeding faster than light.

These videos below will give you a better idea:

The first video is about NASA’s attempt to make faster than light warp drive possible. The second is from Bloomberg and talks about Blackberry investing in this technology. The last vid is the best one explaining the topic. It is where NASA claims that warp drive is doable.

From what I understand as per other resources, this type of speed is technically not about being faster than light but about compressing space so that the distance from one point to another becomes closer. It can be illustrated by folding a paper into two and pressing opposite ends towards each other.

Medical Tricorder

Dr. McCoy’s tricorder is another technology which may soon become possible. In the book, “The Quantum Brain,” Jeffrey Satinover talked about quantum phenomena which can be utilized to perform blood sugar level measurement and other medical tests without having to insert anything inside the body. The book was published about 10 years ago and this medical concept is actually starting to become available through various noninvasive procedures currently applied for medical diagnostic tests.

More about the tricorder in this post –


Even teleportation which is also present in Star Trek is actually consistent with the laws of physics according to some sources. I’d compare it with a fax machine where a document is reproduced from one location to another. In teleportation, a machine will analyze all 10 raised to 28 atoms of the body and send the molecules to the desired destination, reproducing the exact same object or person in this case. In Star Trek, this was achieved through the transporter.

Sounds impossible at this point but who knows what can be done in the future?


Molecular nanotechnology is no longer of the future but what’s thrilling about it is the possibility that it can soon be used medically to remove toxins from the body including cancer cells.

3D Food Printer

Instead of feeding astronauts with encapsulated food or serving them through tubes, NASA will fund the world’s first 3D food printer. This concept will enable food to be prepared through a printer where all we have to do is print the food instead of preparing it. It can be comparable to a standard printer where cartridges are filled with ink but in this technology, powder and oil will replace ink and need be refilled until completely empty.


These exciting technologies of the future are great things ahead which we can look forward to. If we don’t get to see them come to life, at least we can be in gratitude that our descendants will benefit from these in the future.

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Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

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