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When I think of Polaroid cameras and being able to instantly print captured photos, I can’t help but associate it with Shutter, a worldwide horror hit movie from Thailand with a U.S. adaptation. But with an all new breed of instant film cameras called Instax from Fujifilm, I’m sure that the horror will be replaced with fun and excitement.

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Other than for personal enjoyment, this type of camera is also effective for investigative purposes such as in criminal justice where unaltered evidence must be captured immediately and printed for processing.


Intax is a line of cameras resembling what Polaroid cameras originally conceptualized, which is to instantly print films into photos from the camera itself soon after the image was captured. Kodak attempted to manufacture some of their own but was prevented from continuing due to a patent lawsuit from Polaroid. The latter permitted Fujifilm to distribute Intax however. Polaroid had discontinued making this type of camera since 2008 and although the Intax Mini system is currently being distributed as the Polaroid 300, only Intax remains as the sole instant camera brand in the market today.

Intax Camera Models

Mini Models

Mini 7 (discontinued)

Mini 7S

Mini 8 (2012)

Mini 10 (1999)

Mini 20 (discontinued)

Mini 25

Mini 30 (2002)

Mini 50

Mini 50S (2011)

Mini 55i (2003)


Wide Format

100 (discontinued)

200 (discontinued)




Only the mini 8, mini 50Smini 25, mini 7S, and 210 are currently displayed on the official Fujifilm page for instant cameras. Click here for more information on Fujifilm Intax cameras.

With an Intax camera, you are sure to capture photo opportunities anytime and instantly preserve those moments!

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Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

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