Man in Mars Mission and One Way to Mars Reality TV Show Mars One

Mars One

How would you want to live in Mars and be one of the first settlers of the Red Planet? Sounds like fun right? It will make you look cool and famous too. Your name will forever be etched in the pages of history. The only problem is, it’s a one way mission to Mars and there’s no coming back to Earth, ever.

Surprisingly, more than 85,000 who were willing to pay application fees of $5 to $75 depending on where they live have already applied for this one way mission in the hope to be one of the four people who will actually live in Mars indefinitely.

First Manned Mission to Mars

Prior to the supposed reality TV show, a private mission to Mars is also currently being planned. Herewith, two people (man and woman who may possibly be husband and wife) will be sent on a 501-day flyby mission to Mars on January 2018.

The mission is simple: to commercially prepare and inspire humans about the possibility of exploring the outer space.

Risks and Sacrifices Associated to a Mars Mission

The selected couple will temporarily reside in an RV sized space craft in space for a year breathing recycled oxygen, eating dehydrated and unseasoned food, and drinking purified urine. If they die, they will be dried on a freezer. If they survive, they will land back to Earth at a speed of 8.8 miles or 14.2 kilometres per second.

Other risks associated to any Mars trip include sleep deprivation, microgravity, cabin fever, and other potential unknown dangers in space.

Mars One

Although Mars One was founded as a non-profit group organization, it will be as commercial as the potential first manned mission to Mars on 2018. Aside from funding received through donations, merchandise orders, and payments from applicants, the 10-year gap leading to the 2023 launch to Mars will be funded through advertisers (billions of dollars needed). As of the moment, there are already several advertisers offline and online (mostly European companies) advocating this mission’s purpose.

The founder, Bas Lansdorp from the Netherlands, have tapped several popular producers of reality TV shows including Big Brother for media guidance. Everything will be broadcasted in a reality program from the selection of the four astronauts, training and preparation, flight to space, and final landing. The show will showcase a dramatic selection process similar to how Survivor selects its final champion. It will similarly show human elements of controversy and conflict the way Big Brother does it.

Mars One currently works and/or plans to work with current and possible partners in order to deliver the needed technology to make the launch possible. Required technologies include the following: launcher, lander, rover, transit vehicle (which will be discarded once in Mars), communications system, and Mars suit.

You can still apply for Mars One through the official website

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Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

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