Awesome Phones for Photographs and Videos

41 mp phone

What are some of the best phones for sharing videos and photographs with family and friends? These are phones with excellent cameras and video players as well as smartphones that are capable of easily sharing files via social networks and directly to other phones. Some of the best phones in this regard include the Sony Xperia S, the Samsung Galaxy S III, the Samsung Galaxy S4, the HTC One X, the Motorola RAZR i, the Apple iPhone 5, and the Nokia 808 PureView, which boasts an impressive 41 megapixel camera.

 Sony Xperia S

This phone comes with a 12.1 MP camera, which relies on Exmor R Low Light technology to enable clear photos even in poor lighting conditions. The phone also features a 4.3 inch touchscreen as well as a Sweep Panorama feature that allows you to bring together multiple images in one sequence. The rear facing camera is also a decent 1.3 MP and can mostly be used for video calls and self portraits.

Samsung Galaxy S III

The third generation version of the S III remains one of the best phones for taking photographs and videos, which can then be shared with other people via Android apps and between other Samsung phones using S Beam. The S III comes with an 8 MP camera as well as a Super AMOLED 4.8 inch screen and also provides full HD video recording and auto focusing.


Featuring an 8 MP camera, the HTC One X’s claim to being one of the best smartphones for taking photographs and videos is enhanced by its f/2 aperture lens and by its excellent performance in low light settings. The HTC One X also has a lot of storage and a 1.3 MP front facing camera that offers decent light sensitivity and sharpness. Files can be shared using SMS and Android apps.

Motorola RAZR i

This smartphone is one of the best for the mid range market and has an 8 MP camera with HDR, multi burst shots, and a touchscreen that takes up almost the entire face of the phone; a 2 GHz processor means that the RAZR i runs smoothly while the phone includes the latest version of Android and 3G for sharing files.

Apple iPhone 5

The latest Apple smartphone is boosted by an 8 Mp iSight camera that ties in well with its Retina Display. The flattened style of the iPhone also makes it comfortable to use as a camera which also works well in low light and has a front facing camera for decent self portraits. Apple users can share images and videos easily through apps and SMS.

Samsung Galaxy S IV

Already one of the key smartphones on the market, the S IV is distinguished by its 5 inch HD screen and 13 MP camera. When combined with a 1080p screen, the S IV delivers very high quality photos and videos at a resolution of 441 ppi, which puts it ahead of Apple. The phone’s HD AMOLED screen also means that colours look great for shots.

Nokia 808 PureView

Featuring a frankly mind boggling (for a phone) 41 MP camera, the PureView is all about its camera and runs on a Symbian OS; the extra large sensor on the phone enables more light and detail and you can benefit from 16.7 million available colours when taking shots. Video recording is similarly boosted by digital zooms and full HD settings.

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