Top Five Google Chrome Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts

google chrome

One of most popular web browser among all is Google Chrome. Millions of users are associated with it and availing its benefits. It provides an inbuilt feature of security for its users.

But you should be aware of online security related issues so that you can browse safely without harming your PC. Schemes of anti-malware are playing a vital role in this context. Contact me for more details. (See resource box below).

Here are the top five Google chrome tips, tricks and solutions:

  1. Tricks of Omni Box

The address bar of Google Chrome is called as omni box. Generally, you use this bar for typing the URL but you can use it for other purposes as well. Calculator, Paste, search, and Unit converting options come under this category. Whenever you will perform the function of right click on the address bar, a drop down will appear that will provide you options such as paste and go.

  1. Task Manager of Chrome

You can easily access the task manager of Google Chrome by clicking on the option located at the extreme right side at the top. By pressing Shift +esc, you can also perform the same function. By using this option, you will come to know about the tasks currently going on in the Chrome browser. It will provide you the information related to the RAM of the PC too. Plus, you can easily close any task that is going on at that very point of time.

  1. Saving webpage in PDF format

With the help of Chrome, you can easily save your webpage in PDF format on the PC. You can use the shortcut key Control+P that will redirect you to the print window in that case. You can use the save button for saving your document on the desktop of your PC. You can easily edit the dimensions and properties of that document like margins, layout of pages, and etc.

  1. Use of incognito for browsing other than Omni box

Whenever you search something on Google, then it automatically goes into the historical details linked with it. If you are not comfortable with this type of recording system, you can use incognito for browsing privately. The shortcut key for this is Control + Shift + N. Otherwise there is an option given on the right hand side of omnibox from where you can open the Google Chrome incognito window.

  1. Trick to use auto fill option

You can adjust this setting by clicking on preferences and then choosing advanced settings. Then you can click the check box meant for this purpose only. It would be under the Settings of Managing autofill and saved passwords. In this way, you can save your IDs and passwords previously entered by you. You need not to type them repeatedly as they would appear as a drop down list below the column for entering these details. In this way, you can easily open your required mail or any other stuff online.

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