How iPad Changed the Market


The first release of iPad took place on April, 3, 2010; more than three years ago. It became an immediate and huge success. And what is more, it actually created a new niche at the market which is now called tablet computers. After the iPad’s release, other manufacturers followed the example and began creating their own tablets running on other mobile operating systems including Android. But to be honest, hardly any of them managed to get close to the device created by Cupertino developers. iPad became a revolutionary device and it changed the notion of a mobile computer. So what changes has this device brought?

Apple sold 121 million iPads

Not only did iPad become a new product by Apple, it also brought considerable sums of money to the company. Apple managed to sell more than 120 million devices since its release which brought the company sales around $70 billion. These are huge figures, aren’t they? And the company isn’t going to stop. With the release of the iPad Mini (which opened doors to the 7-inch tablets market), the company may sell around 18 million devices during this quarter.

iPad is a ready sale in the sphere of consumer electronics

The chart above shows how fast the sales of the iPad grew. It sells much better than iPod and iPhone; and you won’t say that these devices are unpopular with customers. The rivals can only dream about such achievements. So iPad can now be considered the best-selling device in the consumer electronics segment.

iPad reduced netbooks’ market share  

When presenting iPad, Steve Jobs asked the audience which class of devices is situated between smartphones and notebooks. At that time it was logical to say that this class is netbooks; compact computers for Internet surfing and other pretty simple tasks. But at the same time, he mentioned that netbooks are just laptops with not very good hardware and moderate display. As an alternative, Jobs offered to switch to tablets. And it worked. In 2011, the netbooks selling rates were three times as high as tablets selling rates. This year, they are equal. And I don’t think that the role of iPad can be underestimated in this situation.

iPad is more profitable than Windows

Experts have made an interesting conclusion: since the first financial quarter of 2011, the iPad sales bring more profit than Microsoft Windows which is installed on more than 90% of desktop computers.

Amazon and Google released their own tablets

Many companies followed the trend and released their own tablets; for example, Amazon and Google. Their devices created a good competition at the market which is always a positive moment for users.

Microsoft presented Surface and adapted Windows for tablets

Better late than never; Microsoft entered the battlefield with its own device called Surface. Apart from that, the company modified Windows 8 so that the interface of a new version of the operating system is fully compatible with tablets.

Sphere of use of iPad is enormous

Due to its functionality and compactness, iPad can be used in various spheres of everyday and business life. iPads are used in education, business, medicine, retail trade. And that’s not the full list.

To cut a long story short, I can say that iPad is a really revolutionary device. It set new standards for mobile devices. And I think that it’s not the maximum of its use.

About Eugene Rudenko:
Eugene Rudenko is a copywriter for IT company Intellectsoft, a leading iPhone app development company in the US and UK.

Eugene Rudenko is a copywriter for IT company Intellectsoft, a leading iPhone app development company in the US and UK.

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