The Technology behind Multiple SIM Card Phones

multiple SIM card phones

While multiple SIM card phones appear to be a new technology among popular brands of phones, it had actually been applied in the Benefon Twin phone by Benefon of Finland since 2000. Herewith, the secondary SIM card slot was only offered as an alternative when switching from one slot to another. However, both slots can only accommodate one mobile network carrier. A more updated version of this technology was introduced years later which actually allows two networks in one phone through the dual SIM feature. There are even Chinese manufactured triple SIM card phones now.


multiple SIM card phones


Dual SIM Types

  1. Pseudo-Dual. This is similar to the very first type of double SIM card wherewith both SIMs are made for the same network.
  2. Dual SIM Shift. Only one SIM card can be actively used and the user must manually switch from one SIM to another.
  3. Dual SIM Standby or DSS. Unlike the previous type, both SIMs can be actively used except during a phone call. The other SIM automatically ceases to be active when the other is on an active call.
  4. Dual SIM Active or DSA. Both SIM cards can be active at the same time. Meaning, you can receive calls on either without getting the other call dropped.
  5. Dual Talk. A user can receive calls from 2 networks at the same time.
  6. Dual SIM Dual Call. Other names include Dual SIM Dual Active or DSDA, Dual SIM Active, and DUOS. This is a combination of DSA and Dual Talk but with the addition of an indicator signifying that an incoming call from the other SIM is present while actively conversing on an already active call in another SIM.
  7. Dual SIM Dual Standby or DSDS. While DSS, DSA, and other dual SIM card types require two receivers, DSDS only needs one.


Triple SIM Card Phones

Triple SIM card phones on the other hand applies a technology similar to DSDA phones except that there are three slots for three different SIM cards belonging to similarly three varying mobile networks.


Phone Brands and Mobile Networks

Various phone manufacturers worldwide has jumped into the bandwagon of dual or triple SIM card phones including worldwide brand names such as Samsung, Nokia, Philips, and LG to name some. Local phone manufacturing companies and mobile networks have also released their own dual or triple SIM phones such as K-Touch, Karbonn Mobiles, Micromax Mobile, Spice, Lemon Mobiles, and LAVA Mobiles which are all from India, FreeYourMobile in the U.K., Verzio of Singapore, and MyPhone, Cherry Mobile, and Torque in the Philippines to name only a few.


Advantages of Multiple SIM Phones

While most users prefer to subscribe to only a single carrier, some purposely carry more than one phone in order to accommodate as many people as they know who are subscribed to varying cellular phone carriers. This is because each phone will have a SIM from a specific mobile network. But with the availability of dual or triple SIM card phones, a mobile user can conveniently use only a single phone for two or more mobile networks.

Aside from conveniently carrying only a single phone, the user will also save money as there will no need to buy extra phones just to be able to accommodate more than one network.

With multiple SIM card phones, it will be possible to get connected with everyone on any network without the need to invest money to possess more than one phone.

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Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

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