8 Ways to Lose Holiday Weight ala Tech Style!

lose holiday weight

With all the food feasting over the past Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebration, everyone’s dilemma is now about how to lose holiday weight. So in this post, we’ve come to the rescue by showing you how to shed off pounds ala tech style!

Let’s begin with a few useful web based tips:

1. Go social. Social network sites can be utilized for any purpose you intend it to, including your journey on weight loss. You can post tweets on Twitter, share updates on your Facebook wall, upload pictures via Instagram, and so on. Your friends and followers can squeeze in a like, comment, or message of encouragement which will keep you inspired and glued to your goal. If your network grew due to this, you may even eventually create a page or group online dedicated solely on weight loss endeavors.

2. Blog about your progress. If you already have an existing blog, you can post about your goal to shed off holiday pounds and regularly keep your readers updated with your progress. You can post pictures, videos, and write an online journal about your weight loss related experiences and thoughts.

3. Join an online group. Speaking of groups or pages, you can even join an online based one and participate in community discussions and group sharing when it comes to weight loss. You’ll find such groups in forum threads, weight loss related websites, and even social networking sites.

In relation to this, you can join SparkPeople.com and get free access to meal plans. You can also record your progress and let other members of the site offer feedback.

4. Subscribe to an online personal training. If you’re too busy to attend regular sessions in physical gyms, you can take advantage of web based personal training programs. If you are in California, you can enroll in such a program through BurnFit.com. Here, you would meet with your personal trainer in person first to discuss goals. Everything else will be web based soon after but you can still avail of weekly workout plans set by your trainer and receive regular guidance too.

5. Text. Yes, even as simple as texting can help you with this endeavor. The website Diet.com provides information about more than 36,000 foods as well as search for 1,700 restaurants when you text. Just key in the restaurant you have in mind as well as the menu and send it to DIET1. Sending messages is free.

6. Download apps. Whether you’re using a phone, tablet, or actual computer, you can download applications which can help your weight loss plan. Some apps include tracking systems which records and inputs your daily regimen for exercise, offers you free diet plans complete with the type of diet you need or prefer (protein filled etc.), records your food intake activity, as well as other details like calories lost, and so on. Some apps even send you electronic reminders via SMS or through your phone’s native alarm clock system when it’s time for exercise or for a meal. These apps are available on a free or paid basis through Android, iOS, and even other operating systems.

Speaking of paid service, you can also try the Sensei for Weight Loss (sensei.com) program for a minimal subscription fee per week. The program is tailored suited to each individual’s needs so you get nothing but personalized meal plans and even shopping lists for diet, nutrition, and weight loss.

Here are two apps you can take note of:

a. Lose It! This app is from FitNow and offers information on weight loss, exercise, and nutrition including more than 50,000 foods.

b. MapMyFitness helps track and record your workout progress. It can be used to find ideal locations for your routines: walking, jogging, running, and biking.

7. Play games. Who says gaming is for lazy bones? There are actually games which will keep you active. Some of which can be played via popular game consoles such as Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 for the Xbox 360 and the Zumba Fitness for the Nintendo Wii. The former lets you play cardio boxing and perform yoga while the latter allows you to participate in a cardio based dance workout in an upbeat tune. There are also other versions of the Zumba Fitness series for both Wii and Xbox.

8. Buy useful gadgets. Aside from apps, there are also useful gadgets you can purchase. Some of which were mentioned in one of the previous posts published on this site – 25 Must Have Tech Gifts for Women this Christmas. Although these are usually used by women, they are also applicable for me. These products include the following:

a. Wii Fit Plus. Yes, this game accessory is based on the Nintendo Wii series. It allows both men and women to play enjoyable virtual games while sweating it out at the same time. With this game, you can try climbing steep hills, dangling over a rope, running, snowboarding, and playing many more realistic and physical games.

b. Striiv. Don’t mistake this for a car key. Striiv is a mini-magic as small as your car key. It can easily fit into your clothes’ or bags pockets, your purse or wallet, your belt buckle, and can be attached to your key chains too. This electronic gadget also contains games you can play to keep you moving and burning fats.

c. Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker. This gadget can aid in recording and updating your weight loss plan progress. These include calories burned, distance reached when walking, jogging, or running including number of steps, and etc. The information gathered is then synced to a computer. The Fitbit Ultra Wellness Monitor works well alongside this product.

d. BodyFit Media Core Armband. This wireless arm band is a weight management system that can record calories burned accurately. It can monitor up to 5,000 factors including temperature, amount of sweat, number of steps during walks, jogs, or runs, and sleep quality.

e. goLITE BLU. This item is a product of Philips and is an innovative device which utilizes the new advanced light therapy aimed to aid sleep, boost energy, and tone down body carbohydrates.

With these tips, tech products, websites, and gadgets, anyone can definitely lose holiday weight within days or weeks this 2013!

About Maria Marilyn:
Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

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