12 of the Best Tech Gifts for Kids this Christmas

tech gifts for kids

With Christmas coming up in a few more days, I’m posting our last post for this series of tech gifts for Christmas articles – tech gifts for kids. But before I start listing down ideas for you, here are the other two posts in case you’ve missed them:

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With that, let me now start listing down tech gifts all kids will surely love to have this Christmas!

Mobile Phone

There’s hardly anyone without a mobile phone these days; the same applies even to kids. As young as five years old or even younger, kids will love cell phones. In fact, they also need it. Think they can’t use it much? Try getting a touch screen smart phone with apps in Android or iOS and it discover how the little ones will tinker all over the phone playing games. But of course, they can do so much more than that if you teach them how to text or at least to answer and make calls during emergencies or even for daily chit chats over the phone.


If you believe that phones have limited screen size, then why not consider a tablet? You can be able to install more apps including those with musical, educational, and recreational themes. Kids will love listening to songs and watching their favorite videos. They can learn their ABCs, basic mathematics, and even drawing too.

Gaming Gadgets

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a game console especially if they’re too young to understand how it works; but gaming gadgets, particularly handheld ones such asPSP, Nintendo DS, game boy, iPod touch, and the like are also perfect gifts for your young techie loves. Just make sure to set the rules when it comes to play time, i.e. about 30 minutes to an hour daily and only after study time. In case you consider getting an actual console, why not add a few accessories for specific games such as a game guitar, dance revolution, and extra controls?

Digital/LED/LCD TV

How about giving your kids their own room TV? They can’t watch most of the shows you do and neither will you appreciate what they view, so they will certainly be grateful for the liberty to watch at their own expense. Just make sure to block channels which are not appropriate for children and always set the rules when it comes to viewing time like how long is it allowed and when is it possible to do so.


No kid can resist DVDs or CDs especially if it’s a copy of their favorite artist’s album or movie. You can also buy compilation DVDs of TV show episodes they can watch over and over again.Dora, for one is irresistible for young girls of all ages while Ben 10 works wonders for young boys.


Either of the three will actually do as long as the purpose for purchasing the gadget is beneficial. Kids learn computers early on these days as most schools include computer subjects in their curriculum even before middle school. Your young ones can learn a lot faster with an actual computer to practice at home. Just place restrictions for Internet usage. Should you care to teach them, particularly for Facebook or other social network site membership, limit usage at child-friendly websites by applying parental control settings.

Animation and Digital Tools

Most adults still struggle through digital software, including Photoshop. But kids will find it a breeze tinkering with animation and digital tools. If they already have a computer, software like this will definitely unleash their creative side at an early age.

Digital Camera

In relation to digital software, a digital camera is definitely worthy of this list. It doesn’t have to be a DSLR type. A simple flash and shoot variety will do. I’ve seen kids as young 3 take pictures through mobile phone cameras and digital cameras. Just teach them how to maneuver the device and navigate its interface and they’d be capturing amazing photos sooner than you think.

Digital Video Recorder

A handheld camcorder or video recorder is also another tech product kids will love. Let kids record videos of themselves, their friends, everyone at school, the rest of the family, relatives, of the places they go, and their personal experiences or thoughts. Jumpstart their love for motion picture early on; who knows, you might be nurturing a future film director at home?

Music Related Products

Tech applies to musical stuff too so you can also consider purchasing music related products such as microphones, karaoke, magic sing device, electric guitar, keyboard, drums, and so on. You can even setup a music studio or room for them at home if you don’t have any yet.

MP3 Players, Headphones and Speakers

These are yet another gift idea for music loving tech kids. Make their music experience complete by creating a playlist of their favorite songs and save it on a ready to go MP3 player. You may also give a gift of speakers for their computer or headphones for mobile phones and music player or gaming devices.

Digital Microscope or Telescope

Bring out the scientist or astronomist in your kid through a digital microscope or telescope. It doesn’t have to be a fancy one or as enormous as Hubbard’s. A starter set will actually do. With these, kids will definitely enjoy exploring various life forms including those which are microscopic in size. The telescope on the other hand will have them explore the skies, particularly at night when the moon and stars are most visible.

There are countless other gift ideas you can give children this Christmas. You can be as innovative as possible and think of gadgets or gizmos which match the child’s gender, age, and personal preference. But with this list in mind, you now at least have 12 of the best tech gifts for kids this Christmas.

About Maria Marilyn:
Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

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