7 Types of Tech Gifts for Christmas

tech gifts for Christmas


Sheena Easton once sang “It’s Christmas all over the World” and collectively, British artist gathered together and called themselves Band Aid performed one of the most best-selling charity single entitled “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” In addition, Jackson 5 made a Motown hit through “Give Love on Christmas Day.”  Now, put these words together and ask “It’s Christmas, Do You Know What to Give?”  Indeed, when the gift giving season draws closer, we are sometimes clueless when it comes to what to give most especially if the person in mind is techie and you are considering wrapping tech gifts for Christmas.

Some people do prepare gifts equivalent to just the twelve days of Christmas as the traditional song would put it. But despite preparations in advance, when time comes, a lot of people are still confused on what gift to wrap especially when it comes to technology related items.  It is really intimidating when we talk of advances.  Why?  If we are a computer idiot, we fear that a wireless mouse, smart phone, music player, and the like might not be appreciated by our friends who are into gaming gadgets or any of the latest when it comes to technology.

Nevertheless, you have to have suggestions.  In relation to that, here are some few suggestions when it comes to techno gifts for Christmas:

90” Sharp Smart 3D TV

The latest Sharp Smart 3D TV is a wonder.  It is 90 inches wide and is Internet capable, wireless whether inside or out (you can even probably use a Logitech Universal Remote Harmony gadget), and all the features when it comes to the most advanced LCD/LED product category.  If you have the money, and they have it too money, it is a welcome idea.

Bladeless Electric Fan

Now electric fans are so Third World but there is a certain type which is not so 3D world.  Why don’t you consider the bladeless fan?  Huh?  Yes, there are air generating devices which doesn’t require blades to create air.  Bladeless fans are the latest tech breakthrough with lots of benefits to offer.  It is safer, easier to clean, and performs like any other ordinary electric fan in the market.


Are you one of those who are working on the computer and watching TV at the same time?  Stressful isn’t it?  But with the latest technological advancement, you can now buy LCD/LED monitors with tuners.  What does it mean?  The latest models in this category offer the picture in picture (PIP) feature and at the same can be used as computer monitors.  Thus, you do not have to look up and down and get dizzy just to perform computing works while watching your favorite TV show.

Android Phones

Now here’s the deal, you probably think that these types of phones will literally dig you into pocket holes.  Nope! You will actually find lots of affordable brands and products which are Android friendly and totally Android.  If you can wait for another Christmas season, you can surely buy cheaper Android phones. You will also be capable of buying more units to give as holiday presents for Christmas.

Entertainment Players

In the old days, different forms of entertainment are enjoyed separately. Currently, this is not the case.  You can actually find gadgets which you can use to watch movies, read books, listen to music with, play games, and even remind you to wash your hair or sleep right now.  Some of such gadgets can even help you find your way through an urban jungle.  Mind you, these are not too expensive so you do not have to spend more money just to let your friends enjoy different forms of entertainment.

Spy Gadgets

Daniel Craig’s latest James Bond movie “Skyfall” became the highest grossing film of that franchise.  Surely, some of your friends will definitely want to own some of the gadgets used and displayed in the film.  There’s no need to confirm if that friend of yours need the 007 badge, you can get one and maybe pair it with the latest in home appliance technology such as a fully automated washing machine complete with anti-bacterial mechanisms.

Gaming Gadgets

Gaming devices are really expensive especially the MOMO drivers but hey, KC and The Sunshine Band sang “Baby, Give It Up.”  Yes, give up the wrong lifestyle and share more beneficial and enjoyable tricks instead. 

So, when you want to consider what tech gifts for Christmas are ideal for your dearly beloved ones, fear no more.  Even simple home appliances like an oven toaster can be a delight for a tech savvy person.  How about a small home appliance such as a coffee maker, a bacon fryer, and an oven toaster rolled into one? That will still surprise them for sure.

You do not have to be a tech-idiot when you want to give the latest in technology, much more sing “Ayo Technology.”  It’s better to say, “Last Christmas you gave your heart, but if you give laptops and tablets, make sure they come from the heart.”

About Maria Marilyn:
Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

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  1. JK Jumbo says:

    when you want to consider what technical presents for Xmas are perfect for your really dearest ones, worry no more. Even easy devices like an range toaster range can be a pleasure for a technical smart person. How about a small house equipment such as a java machine, a bread fryer, and an range toaster range combined into one? That will still shock them for sure.

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