The Six L’s of Apple iPhone 5 New Features

Apple iPhone 5 new features

Just as expected, the Apple iPhone 5 new features make it a rich electronic gadget welcomed by millions of people as indicated in the latest sales figures reported by Apple. Prior to the launch, a lot of buzz was created to generate curiosity and speculations on this phone’s ability to topple competition. Anywhere around the world, the excitement was visible, and people are lining up to own this latest product from Apple. (See related previous post – iPhone Rumors, News, and Updates) Now, it is time to discuss reasons why people want it.

iPhone 5 Features

By now, you have seen this gadget and you must have already drawn your own ideas as to why you need to have it. Looking at it and handling it in your own palm, you know that the phone speaks of countless attractions. It is loaded with new features that will mesmerize you and you won’t keep your hands away from it and tinker it.  What does this new phone speaks of?

1. Loaded. One of the most interesting and enticing features of this product is the latest update on the Siri software.  Previous version owners of iPhones know that this is a voice recognition software. The updated version does the following: understands your questions better and updates your social network activities including updating your tweets. . Other brands have their own voice recognition device but are inferior compared with the updated Siri.

2. Larger. No, we are not talking about size here. But rather, we are pointing out features that were escalated to larger specifications of capacities.  It is installed with A6 Apple processor which was reported to work twice as fast than the older processors. Camera is now at 8 mega pixel which delivers more outstanding pictures. More importantly, you can generate more effects and filters to your pictures. Another pull feature is the 4G Long Term Evaluation Service. With this, some users swear that connections are better and they can access wide capacity websites through this new iPhone 5.

3. Longer. While the device appears to be taller, battery performance is of great importance. It offers longer battery life allowing you with 225 hours stand by time and talking hours of up to eight hours. Surely, that is a lot of time allowed for you to perform wonderful things with your latest electronic accessory.

4. Lighter. Here’s the dimension: weight is 112 grams that is less than one eight of a kilo, its 4.9 inches tall, 2.3 inches in terms of width, and 3 inches if you talk about depth.  The figures speak that this device is definitely lighter and thinner; thus, it offers a good feel when you grasp it into your palms. This is because it is made mostly with aluminum and titanium elements instead of glass, which only covers the front and bottom parts of the gadget.

5. Libidos. You just can’t get enough from this gadget. It will encourage you more to use it because you can watch movies that are 1080p high definition quality, better graphics and faster interactions; thus, you will have better gaming experience. The screen dimension is at 4.5 inches, allowing you greater panoramic views and integrated Facebook application makes you constantly connected within the network. These are just some of the reasons why this iPhone 5 wants you to go livid and experience better use of new and updated applications and features.

6. Luxurious. Given all the other L descriptions and a price of $199, surely it is as luxurious as you want it to be. The latest product is definitely second to none and exceeds a lot of expectations. The voice recognition alone is superior to other voice recognition devices used by other brands.  The use of aluminum and titanium makes the whole appearance shiny and new always.

Last Words on iPhone 5 New Features

While some android phones may have equal or better applications and features, this product stands out as one of the best things which ever came out in the market and electronic consumers are just too happy that they have additional better options when it comes to Android phones. The Apple iPhone 5 new features showed an excellent job of integrating top of the line applications with this latest addition in the list of hit products.

About Maria Marilyn:
Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

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  1. ravi says:

    Larger and lighter best describes the New iPhone

  2. JK Jumbo says:

    While some android operating system mobile phones may have equivalent or better programs and features, this product is unique as one of the best things which ever came out in the market and digital customers are just too satisfied that they have additional better options when it comes to Android mobile phones.

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