Top Free Apps for My Tablet that Empowers Me

free apps for my tablet

When you talk about free apps for my tablet, there are actually several of these, however, only quite a number of these applications are really useful and enhance my connectivity, my everyday life, and my performance at work.  Some of the other applications are just in use out of boredom.  The list below consists of totally helpful apps and I will tell you why.

Kindle For Tablet: Top Free Apps for My Tablet under the Hobby Category

As a voracious reader, it is very convenient on my part that I no longer have to buy books, bring it along during my travels, and stack them after I am done reading it.  I am so glad that Kindle for tablet is available as I can easily access hundreds of thousands of fiction and non-fiction books and devour these during my spare time without adding hassle to my baggage.  In addition, ebooks are cheaper compared to physical books that you buy from book shops.

Top Free Apps for My Tablet under the Professional Performance Category

            The succeeding apps score high when it comes to enabling me to deliver excellent performance relevant to my job and career as a sales person:

Google Earth

            The reason why this application ranks very high in my list of top free apps for my tablet is functionality.  As a sales professional, it is very important to establish the identity of the customer and that he or she is existent.  With this application, locating and finding addresses that these customers provided give me with evidence that I can transact business with them.  In addition, geography was my favorite subject when I was younger and Google Earth helps me update my knowledge on everything about geography.

Score Mobile

Whenever I have the time to read news bits and updates, I always start with the sports page. I am into tennis, golf, basketball, and racing.  With this application, I get to know the latest in every sports edition and season or who wins a specific game. I also learn the latest stats for me to know if my favorite players and teams are on the right track to winning. Of course, it helps when it comes to betting as well, to be honest about it.

CNN for Tablets

            During the height of the “Occupy Movement” in several places around the world, I was so ecstatic that I can follow updates about it.  Since this application was installed, I always log on every day to read about the latest news around the world. This is definitely one of the top free apps for my tablet. All news that I read always helps me with my sales breaker aspect during consultative selling skill method with my clients.

Netflix for Tablet

            When you are constantly moving around different places, you always wish that when you retire to your hotel room, there will be interesting stuff with cable channels.  Unfortunately, that is not always the case. With Netflix, there is no need to worry about what to watch before going to sleep as you have a variety of options to choose from. You don’t have to see schedules of programs and wait for the program to view it.  This is really one of top free apps for my tablet as I can watch my favorite TV show and movies at my own pace and time.

Angry Birds for Tablet

Initially, this application was only available on iPad and found its way for tablets.  I know some people will say that I really take the word “angry” literally as to the reason why this is included in the list of top free apps for my tablet. This is my anger management release every time I feel that my blood starts to boil and I need to relax. I redirect my negative energy towards this game and I always achieve high scores through rechanneling of focus.

Amazon App Store for Tablets

            As a salesperson, market study is part of the job. With this application, I discover the latest deals on competing products. I receive alerts on how current deals provided by Amazon will impact my dealers and distributors.  Before my clients even complain that the prices we offer are higher, I am able to anticipate market issues and deal with client problems reasonably through this application.

These are the top free apps for my tablet which empower me to effectively perform my professional duties and at the same time offer me productive moments during my spare time. These applications might be free but the benefits I gain every time I access these are totally priceless; in fact, these top free apps for my tablet have given me additional financial rewards as the apps empower me.

About Maria Marilyn:
Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

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