Top 20 Free Apps for iPad for Newbies

top 20 free apps for iPad

If you are one of those millions of people who just recently bought a new iPad whether the latest one or the older models, you are surely deluged with thousands of available free apps for your new electronic gadget.  It is mindboggling indeed when there are several hundreds and you can’t have it all since your new iPad can only accommodate as much as the memory can hold. It is essential that you must know the top 20 free apps for iPad for your consideration.


Bejewelled is a classic game and it is a free application for your iPad. It might not give you great moments of thrill and excitement like other sophisticated paid games, but definitely, this free game application can ease out boredom while in between flights or on the road in a bus.

Air Hockey is another free game app for iPad with following features: play with a live player, play wireless in the same room, or play with the computer as your opponent.  It’s another great game to indulge with during your idle time.


Flipboard is a sophisticated free app for iPad which is ideal if you numerous social networking accounts or RSS feeds and arranged all of these in a magazine type layout. You will not worry about flipping and clicking on several browsers to see your latest updates.

Kindle is definitely a must for those who love to read.  This free app for iPad makes reading from your gadget feels like natural reading.


TV Guide is a big help when you want to know local schedules of your favorite TV shows in different places that you travel throughout the US. You will not surely miss an episode of your well loved TV shows through this free application.

Netflix is a free app for iPad but you have to subscribe to it in order to enjoy lots of movies and TV shows. With this app, queuing your favorite movies is no longer a problem. You can watch movies to your heart’s delight.


Pandora radio application is one of the top 20 free apps for iPad downloaded by countless electronic gadget enthusiasts.  It is your own personal radio that lets you stream music according to your preferences.  Just load the name of the song, artist, or composers and Pandora will make a radio station for you that will stream music related to your preferences.


Bloomberg for iPad is dependable if you want to know the latest business events and trends. You have access to information about the stock market, economic statistics, business updates and financial matters. Anything that is there with Bloomberg and relevant to your business are yours to read and analyze.

Contact Capture is a free business application for your iPad that lets you store contacts from your emails, messages, documents, and web pages minus the typing, cutting, and pasting. The application captures these contacts easily and you can browse them immediately by simply highlighting.


CNN for iPad is a recommended reference for latest news around the world.  You can watch the latest breaking news, current videos, or view pictures with slide shows. With this application, you are no longer clueless with what is happening around you and the rest of the world.

Merriam Webster or apps are definitely included among the top 20 free apps for iPad. With a lot of reading material stored and accessed through your gadgets, expect that you will encounter new words very often and these free apps come in handy when you want to know the meaning behind new words you have discovered.

The Weather Channel or AccuWeather should not be forgotten as you do not want to have rain in your parade.  This app informs you of up to the minute weather updates including warnings, clocks, and radars.


Dropbox fixes the problem with file storage. With this application, you can access your files and documents whenever you are on the go.

Simplenote helps you with text editing and at same time store your docs both in your iPad and in the “cloud.” Thus, you can easily retrieve it and continue working from where you stopped with your documents.


Ebay and Amazon Windowshop for iPad are excellent shopping applications, especially if you want to window shop online and see the latest offers and products.

Social Networking

Facebook – there is no need to elaborate why it belongs to top 20 free apps for Ipad. If you are a Facebook addict who wants to be updated and connected with your friends in the network always, then this definitely a must have for you.

Twitter is also in the list. Chances are, if you have a Facebook, you must also maintain a Twitter account and the same goes with your friends.

With these top 20 free apps for iPad, you are on to a good start tinkering and familiarizing your latest electronic gadgets. If you want better applications, you can move on to paid applications to let you enjoy and appreciate how useful your iPad is.


About Maria Marilyn:
Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

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  1. ravi says:

    Dropbox is my fav app for productivity.

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