Top Free Apps for PC

top free apps for PC

You don’t have to download pirated computer software if you want sophisticated computer experiences for gaming, entertainment, and other functionalities.  There are lots of free applications for your personal computer. These applications will not bore you as you will be enticed to use them very often.  So what are the top free apps for PC that you should have and why? Read on.

Anti-Virus and Malware Detection

Before you get excited and download everything that there is, it is highly recommended for you protect yourself and your computer first. With more countries legalizing digital laws and policies, you are in potential danger when it comes to copyright issues and other Internet related complications. In relation to this need, here are some suggestions on the top free apps for PC windows for anti-virus and malware detection.

  1. AVG Anti-Virus – While it cannot eliminate computer viruses 100 percent, this free software is still capable of alerting you when there are malicious attacks to your computer.  It can give you warning should you try to access harmful sites and you decide to skip the page and try another one instead.
  2. Panda Cloud Anti-Virus – The name may sound strange for those who are very fond of top free apps for PC, yet this application has its own advantages including a second line of defense when it comes to virus protection. This free app works by attacking viruses not yet recognized by your primary apps which set up colonies in the hard disk. This application automatically activates; thus, you don’t have to enter parameters over and over again for protection.

Office Functions

Microsoft Office Applications and Mac Office are really expensive. So while you are still saving money to buy legit versions, you can always download free and open office applications so that you can type and encode documents, Excel, and presentation files.  The Open Office free application is one of the top free apps for PC that you should have for you to enjoy the benefits of composing documents, spreadsheet files, and presentation slides.

Sometimes, you also need image development applications to make your computer experience more fun and engaging.  GIMP application software is recommended for image application editing that you cannot find through other free image applications. You can use it as paint program, professional quality retouching, or as a productive image provider and converter.

When files use up a large memory space and email providers have limitations, then you have to compress it. A WinZip file free applications may work for you but these are trial versions and you can only use them at a limited time.  RAR compression application is your answer if you want compression function throughout eternity.


There are several top free apps for pc when it comes to gaming, it is up for you to search and decide which one is right for you. Here are some suggestions: Trackmania Nations for racing games, Warzone for real time strategy games, and Urban Terror for shooting games just to name a few.

As you go along your computer experience, you might find other top free applications for PC that are worthy of your time. Just ensure that your PC has the right specs to accommodate and avail of different features of the game.  The accessibility of these applications depends on your PC capabilities and configurations. Check your PC properties so as not to waste time downloading it and be disappointed when it won’t work with your computer.

Internet Applications

One of the first things that come into the minds of computer techies when it comes to Internet browsing is the Firefox page. Some people believe that it is faster compared with other Internet browser. Regardless of whether it is faster and safer, you should have this one of the top free apps for PC as an alternative browser should the other browser fail to function from time to time.

Entertainment Applications

While you might have video and movie file player equipment, VLC application software is also important and it is free. Why? In some cases, your inherent video player might not work with some file extensions and a VLC   player is your answer when it comes to playing files with mkv, flv, and mbv extensions as examples.

Reading is either a form of entertainment or hobby, regardless of the nature. In relation to this, you need an Adobe Acrobat Reader in order for you to read interesting and informative reading materials with pdf extensions.  Very often, free articles and literature are formatted in Adobe format and you cannot gain knowledge and ideas without this as application.

Windows Messenger is another entertainment application for those who enjoy chatting.  Whoever said that chatting is not entertaining, that person is in denial?! Be entertained with live talking with your friends and know about the latest updates about them through this chat app, one of the top free apps for PC.

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Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

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