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The iPhone is an extraordinary device, one of the game-changers that comes along every few years which not only makes life easier for its users, but also happens to turn an entire industry on its head. Now in its 4th iteration, the iPhone still commands plenty of attention from consumers, app developers, and tech pundits. Another group has also turned its eye towards the iPhone, one which has a more nefarious agenda than the others — hackers. 

One of the reasons that hackers are increasingly targeting smart devices like the iPhone is the lack of built-in anti-malware protection, allowing control of the device through such simple tactics as an SMS text message.

Fortunately, the security industry has responded to the need for iPhone protection with easy-to-use and affordable software. Here are a few recommended top security applications for iPhone


Malwarebytes made its mark by being able to detect and handle malware on desktop and laptop PCs that other software just didn’t detect very well, such as keyloggers and rootkits. iPhone users can now enjoy the same protection on their handsets and avoid viruses, Trojans and other unwanted code which can infect a phone while browsing.

For those unfamiliar with Malwarebytes, a free version is available for unlimited use, with more advanced features unlocked for a small fee.

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is an iPhone location tracker which utilizes the device’s location services to pinpoint the exact spot where it is, should it become lost. Simply log into your account from any device, including a friend’s smartphone, and you can not only see where you phone is, but also sound an alarm (even if the phone is in Silent mode) and send a message to whoever has your phone.

Should you determine that your phone is lost forever, and you have sensitive information on it, the software will allow you to remotely lock the phone or even wipe out all of the data, keeping prying eyes away from your email, pictures and documents.

Webroot Mobile & Tablet Security

Webroot is an antivirus vendor that has recently switched all of their products to a cloud-based model, meaning real time protection without having to fill up your internal storage with huge signature file downloads. Instead, a less than 1 mb agent installs in seconds on your phone, which filters all of your traffic and documents against an enormous, continuously updated signature file database which offers real time protection without slowing down your device like traditional antivirus software.

Mobile Active Defense

Spam is often accompanied by links to malicious websites, phishing scams and dangerous attachments. Preventing spam from ever reaching your inbox is therefore a very smart step in keeping your device secure.  Mobile Active Defense ameliorates the spam problem by filtering each email through its servers before being forwarded to your phone. With over 100 updates to its database daily, the software remains up-to-date on the latest Nigerian lottery, Canadian pharmacy and Russian dating site scam to keep you protected.

With more and more of our personal and corporate lives residing on our mobile devices, it pays to be proactive and invest in tools such as security applications for iPhone to ensure data does not fall into the wrong hands.

About Robert Coulter:
Robert Coulter reviews phone authentication services. In his free time, he’s beefing up anti-virus software on his home computer.

Robert Coulter reviews phone authentication services. In his free time, he’s beefing up anti-virus software on his home computer.

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