Top Free Android Apps of All Time

top free android apps of all time

For those who own mobile devices that are sophisticated, you will be intimidated with lots of applications, especially if these involve cost; fortunately, this is not an issue as there are top free android apps of all time that you can download.  Yes indeed, if you just have the time and resourcefulness attitude, you can have all the applications needed with your advanced mobile tech gadgets for free.  Thus, you will enjoy and maximize your handheld gadget for communication, productivity, gaming, and other purposes all year round and daily.  So, what are these apps?

Top Free Android Apps of All Time – Games Category

1. Angry Birds. Some people have actually considered buying a mobile gadget with Android operating system because they were motivated to play Angry Birds anywhere and anytime.

2. Ant Smasher. This game is very popular since it is one way to detect and test the touch screen capability and functionality of your mobile gadget.

3. Army Snipers. Even women love this game if they want to try their latent aggressive behavior.  This is a basic game to start with if you want to be more skillful before trying quick reflex games such as Hunger Games and the like.

4. Arcade Games. The answer to boredom is lots of games.  This free application is available online from several websites.  You can download lots of games while waiting in between flights, scheduled appointments, during breaks, and any other free time.

Top Free Android Apps of All Time – Social Media Category

1. Facebook. This social media network has become an addiction to some people; thus, it is not surprising that most mobile consumers who are considering buying a new phone are asking if their Android gadget is capable of accessing the network.

2. YouTube. With hundred million of videos posted periodically, people are enamored watching videos that are either produced professionally or raw.  In addition, this application allows users to post their own videos immediately after recording it and check the statistics to know if the videos are viewed after they were posted.

3. Twitter. With 140 characters to use, this is the most convenient way when it comes to connecting with people, broadcasting their daily activities, and following other people, both acquaintances and strangers alike.  Twitter is definitely one of the most sought after application for androids.

4. Instagram. Take pictures and upload it immediately, this is the essence of this application. There’s no need to wait until you are logged on with your social media network account.

Top Free Android Apps of All Time Communications Category

1. Yahoo Messenger. One of the best things about this application is that you stay connected with your chat contacts and you are also notified with an alert when you receive incoming emails from your Yahoo account.

2. Skype. This application is widely used not only among individuals but organizations as well.  Thus, mobile users will see to it that Skype is available in their device so they can stay connected with their professional and personal contacts.

3. Yahoo Mail. Like the messenger application, one is alerted of incoming messages through this app.  It is helpful if you are expecting very important messages and need to reply immediately.

4. EBuddy Messenger. A Swiss knife like application for communication, meaning you can chat with all your contacts in all of various maintained accounts like Facebook, MSN, GTalk, Yahoo and etc.

Top Free Android Apps of All Time – Tools and Applications Category

1. Adobe Reader. Some files are saved in the PDF format to preserve the integrity of the file.  Thus, it is a requirement for sophisticated electronic consumers to have this function is available so they can view confidential files sent by their superiors.

2. Kindle. Well, bookworms should see to it that their latest communication gadget has this application so they can read the latest book in recent bestseller lists.

3. Google Maps. Of course, nobody wants to get lost.  This application helps people find their way when they travel and search addresses of their contacts for business or personal purposes.

4. Anti-Virus. Because one tends to download files and entertain messages with attachments, virus protection is a must for Android phones.  Thus, this type of application is really important.

5. Netflix. Watching films online has never been easy with this application.  With thousands of titles available for viewing, whether it is a classic film or the latest blockbuster, it is available for your pleasure through this app.

Depending on your needs, there are several applications that you can find online other than what is enumerated in this article. It is a blessing that the applications that you need are available online for free. Find time to search for top free Android apps of all time and you will definitely have the best moments with your Android mobile gadget.


About Maria Marilyn:
Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

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