Top Free iPad Apps You Can Download All You Want

top free iPad apps

There are literally hundreds or even thousands of free iPad apps that are worth downloading. But for the sake of limited space, I’ll mention just the best of the best.

If we’re talking about the top free iPad apps of all time, here’s what’s on the list:

  • Solitaire is such a classic; nothing beats it on any platform (PC, Mac, etc.)
  • The Bible is still the old Bible that you know, except that it’s electronic now. You can read it in various languages and lookup exactly what you need through the search functionality.
  • iBooks is an e-book reader app exclusively designed for Apple devices.
  • Remote, as the name suggests, lets you manage your iTunes library through a WiFi connection. With this app, you can adjust volume control and play songs.
  • Fandango makes it easier to purchase movie tickets without the need to wait on line. Read movie reviews and decide which movie to watch.
  • Yelp is very helpful when looking for establishments close to where you are, anywhere you are. Like Fandango, you’ll find customer reviews as well.
  • Google Earth – It’s a map and a satellite at the same time and guides you through various places anywhere around the world.
  • Movies by Flixter is also like Fandango, you can read movie reviews and see movie playing time before heading towards movie houses through this app. But other than that, you’ll also get to watch movie trailers before anyone else does.
  • Google Search– This app makes the traditional Google search more fun than ever. Search the web by simply uttering keywords. The app also lets you check your email, the calendar, and do so much more.
  • Pandora Radio is one of the best radio streaming app. Create your own station by combining music you like.

Now if you’re looking for the best free iPad apps based on genre, here’s what’s on the list:

  • Books – Besides iBooks, Kindle is undoubtedly the best e-book reader app that is applicable for most devices aside from Apple’s.
  • Navigation – Navfree GPS transforms your iPad into a comprehensive satellite navigation device like Google Earth.
  • Travel – Google Earth. See corresponding description on previous section.
  • Social Networking – Facebook and nothing else. It’s a hit for iPad and all other devices which can connect through the web. Need we say more?
  • Sport – Sky Go. The app is free but its usage requires subscription before you get to access its channels.
  • Utilities – Dolphin Browser HD is so much better than Safari. That’s all there is to say.
  • Cooking – Epicurious (Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List) is filled with recipes (images included) and helps you list ingredients needed before you shop for them.
  • Music – See Pandora Radio (above), Virtuoso Piano, and Shazam (below).
  • Photo – PhotoBooth (Classic) is actually included with the iPad 2. It’s a fun app which lets you capture photos of yourself and turn them into hilarious images. For serious photos, Flickr should be the best app.
  • Video streaming:

NetFlix – If you’re already a member and you do own an iPad, then this app is a must. The NetFlix app enables streaming of videos and movies directly from the iPad. Nope, it’s not available for iPhones.

ABC Player – Yes, it’s about the ABC Channel. Watch the television station straight from your iPad.

  • Video calling – Vtok can pretty much replace FaceTime, a built-in video calling app on your iPad. This app is integrated with Google Voice Chat and Google Video and makes use of iPad cameras to power its video calling functionality.

More of the best free iPad apps below:

  • Evernote – It organizes files based on categories and file types which you can create yourself. The app is free and so is creating an account. is also an amazing file organizing app.
  • Dragon Dictation, if you didn’t know yet (as per the iPhone version) lets you save notes by dictating them.
  • News apps:

NPR News app features news bits that are available in both text and audio format.

Fluent News Reader is a news app gathering news bits from top sources including CNN, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, Time, USA Today, and so much more.

AP Mobile is another news app which sparks your interest for reading news with its lively presentation of images and videos included.

  • Music apps:

Virtuoso Piano is designed not only for experienced music professionals. Anyone will love this app. It can even walk you through playing the piano by labeling keys with corresponding musical notes.

Shazam helps you find a song of your choice by naming it for you. Previews are then provided before you finally make a purchase.

  • Twitter apps (besides the actual Twitter app):

Twitterific – The name resounds what it features. It’s a terrific Twitter app which allows both landscape and portrait view when navigating through Twitter.

TweetDeck literally let’s you see Twitter tweets from everyone you follow as if standing on a deck and overlooking people (Twitter users) below.


Pretty long list huh? I did say there’s hundreds and even thousands which can be listed here but these are the best of the best top free iPad apps. We hope you enjoyed reading and may you download these free apps on your iPad soon if you don’t have them yet.

About Maria Marilyn:
Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

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