How to Get the Most out of Your iPhone Camera Features

iPhone Camera Features

The iPhone is a delightful gadget in many ways. If you love taking pictures or videos, your iPhone can transform into a camera with high quality picture or video input without the bulky feel you get from large DLSR cameras. It’s a handy camera and a mobile phone rolled into one.

iPhone Camera Features

You can make the most out your of iPhone camera through certain apps and features available for the phone. Here are some of them:

iSight camera

Use the iSight camera and get 8 megapixels, equivalent to 60 percent more pixels than your regular iPhone 4 camera. Its illumination sensor is more sensitive so you can shoot in either low or bright lights. The LED flash automatically turns itself on too. Plus, you can instantly take photos anytime because you can access the camera even from the lock screen.

Advanced optics

With pictures, it’s not all about the pixels, optics or lighting is important too. Advanced optics on your iPhone camera creates sharper images with five elements on the custom lens. The ƒ/2.4 aperture which is larger now can capture brighter images. The hybrid infrared filter helps with accuracy and balance with colors.

A5 chip and iOS 5

These power your iPhone and make the camera better than ever. The A5 chip enables the image signal processor, similar to those found in DSLR cameras. This feature makes the camera faster with zero shutter lag. The iOS 5 on the other hand empowers the camera for more accurate, white balanced, and dynamic pictures.


HDR or high dynamic range lets you take 3 photos with one shot, with 3 different levels of exposure.

Face detection        

The camera automatically detects faces and focuses on them during photo shoots.

Editing and Organizing                           

You can edit the photos straight from the iPhone and have them organized based on geographical location or person.

Photo Stream, AirPlay, Sharing, and Printing

You can share your photos through various compatible devices with the help of iCloud. Tap AirPlay and you can do the same through your Apple TV. Sharing and printing photos (through AirPrint) has never been easier as well.


Apps for Your iPhone Camera

Aside from the native features of the iPhone camera, these are apps you can download to enhance your iPhone camera experience:

Adobe Photoshop Express            

Adobe and its image editing functionality also work with iPhones.

Cost: Free, upgrade $4.99


Camera+ provides more options when shooting pictures including image effects.

Cost: $1.99

Camera Genius

Camera Genius offers cool tools you can use before and after shooting photos. It provides dynamic shutter trigger options which include your voice, a timer, and during image focus. It also comes with the most number of sites where you can directly share your photos.

Cost: $1.99


Instagram is one of the most widely used camera apps today. It creates photo effects and lets you share the finished product through social network sites.

Cost: Free


Snapseed maybe the best image editing app there is in town as of the moment. With this product, you can produce amazing edited photos and share them to social media sites.

Cost: $4.99


Accessories for Your iPhone Camera

Accessories can also help make the most out of your iPhone camera. These are some of the accessories you can incorporate for a better iPhone camera pictures experience:

iPhone Rangerfinder from Photojojo

The iPhone Rangerfinder makes your iPhone resemble a traditional camera with a shutter button, a tripod, and a view finder.

Dot from Kogeto

The Dot lets you shoot photos and videos on a 360 degrees rotation and then share the output through popular social networking sites.


Miveu is for adventure and sports enthusiasts. With this camera, you can record yourself while in motion by having it fastened to your chest.


About Maria Marilyn:
Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

Maria Marilyn is the editor of TechBugs. Catch her on this blog and on Twitter.

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    You can discuss your images through various suitable gadgets with the help of iCloud. Tap AirPlay and you can do the same through your The apple company TV. Giving and publishing images (through AirPrint) has never been simpler as well.

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    Once you have your images taken, the iPhone does create them simple to perspective and discuss. The iPhone actually has one of the best techniques on a photographic camera cellphone for watching and giving, and it is both smooth and simple to use.

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