Facebook Malware Checkpoint Implemented for Users

Facebook Malware Checkpoint

Maybe it was in the wake of the DNSChanger panic that happened last week or maybe it is something Facebook users have been experiencing for a long time, even though Facebook had already made some form of protection available. Regardless of what the case might be, Facebook has now made it possible for users to access free virus protection when think they might have an issue before Facebook had spotted it first.

This protection is called Facebook Malware Checkpoint, and it exhibits Facebook’s new measures to provide enhanced security to its users. It should be clear that it is not an actual virus protection program written by Facebook; but rather, it allows users to get pointed in the right direction by Facebook to access various types of free virus protection services.

The direction service is different between users of Windows and iOS. The former will be directed to either McAfee Scan and Repair or Microsoft Security Essentials, while iOS users will provided with Apple Security Updates.

According to the security page on Facebook, what this redirection to McAfee will do is perform a one-time installation of the program onto a user’s computer. When the scan is complete, the user will have the option to remove the detected malware either through automatic or manual means such as a basic scan. It doesn’t get in the way of other virus protection systems that might be on the user’s computer.

The Microsoft Security Essentials perform the same thing but will continue to provide the user with continued Microsoft updates and protection.

It should also be known that while a scan is being performed on behalf of Malware Checkpoint, Facebook will securely lock your account during the duration of the the scan but will then open it up for usage upon completion.

This is a step in Facebook’s mission to allow its users to be more proactive with their account. Facebook did provide protection to users in the past but only if it had detected a threat itself. This is the first time users can instigate on their own protection without running the risk of a virus having gotten too far.

Viruses on Facebook have been an issue in the past and the present with some malicious programs being spread through either the instant messaging tool or through clicking pictures or links that were seemingly placed there legitimately by the friends of various users.

Facebook Malware Checkpoint should hopefully encourage the users of today to get more Internet protection for their own computer in general since it has been shown that not everyone has taken action to get protection until something actually happens.

About Mike Lamardo:
Mike is a blogger and writer who contributes to various tech, science and music industry outlets including DX3, Washington Times Communities, and others.

Mike is a blogger and writer who contributes to various tech, science and music industry outlets including DX3, Washington Times Communities, and others.

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  1. Stag Weekends says:

    You could but you should install Spy bot, Search and Destroy. and Microsoft Security Essentials, that leave your comp over night scanning. Make sure it is a full scan.

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