5 Apple iOS Apps that are Better on an iPad


Though the underlying logic and back-end code is often the same, there’s a big difference between the way an app works on a phone and a tablet. Some apps are just better on your iPad than on your iPhone. That’s hardly surprising, as the iPad offers a larger screen, better resolution and more power under the hood. More screen real estate is always an advantage with any highly visual application.

Here are five astounding Apple iOS apps that are definitely better on the iPad:


It goes without saying that a magazine-style reader is going to work better on a larger screen. Flipboard is the undisputed king of iOS newsreader applications at the moment. While it’s quite impressive on the iPhone, it’s an order of magnitude more functional and easy to navigate on the iPad. The new iPad’s Retina Display makes the experience of using Flipboard even more lifelike and realistic in actual practice.

Documents To Go

Finding an office suite that works well on mobile devices is a tough proposition. Fortunately, Documents To Go is an easy sell thanks to its support for Microsoft document formats, its sleek functionality and its numerous sync features. If you really want to gain some office independence from your laptop, DTG is the obvious solution. On the iPad’s 9.7-inch display, Documents To Go largely recreates the desktop office experience and makes tablet-based document editing easy.


Using the bookmarks bar to organize your research and brainstorming efforts is so 2004. Evernote is the hip and effective new way to save snippets of web pages, notes, photos and video clips in one simple folder for later use. Though it does indeed work on an iPhone, you’ll really want to install Evernote’s mobile app on your iPad to make the most of the service. Ultimately, it’s just one of those apps that needs room to breathe.


Third-party applications like Tweetdeck have made Twitter feed management a lot easier on the desktop. In the mobile sphere, Tweetbot is the next best thing. It features Smart Gestures, Push Notifications, Multiple Timelines and a whole lot more. Cramming all of those features onto a small screen doesn’t work that well. The iPad’s spacious display is the perfect platform on which to use Tweetbot to manage your Twitter feeds.

Photoshop Express

Adobe’s Photoshop is the gold standard when it comes to image editors and media creation software. Photoshop Express manages to bring many of the features of the desktop program to phones and tablets. While Photoshop Express is certainly competent as far as retouching photos on the iPhone is concerned, its true power becomes far more evident on the iPad. Users can both create and edit amazing images on the iPad using Express, which is something that just isn’t possible on a smart phone.

Final Word

Due to their powerful graphics engines and large, high-definition screens, the iPad 2 and the new iPad tend to offer a better app experience in many cases than the iPhone. That’s not to say that the iPhone is an inferior product. It definitely serves its purpose in the field when mobility and convenience are the top priorities. However, an iPad is a necessity if want to get the most out of many of the full-featured and versatile Apple iOS apps found on iTunes.

About Jeff Fields:
Jeff Fields writes for Allcases, a company that sells Pelican cases, including cases for both single and multiple Ipads.

Jeff Fields writes for Allcases, a company that sells Pelican cases, including cases for both single and multiple Ipads.

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  1. Stag Weekends says:

    Going to be on a long car ride, so what are some good apps that don’t need Internet that can pass the time?Thanks in advance..

  2. TGF says:

    i am running laptop but i want to purchase ipad than please suggess me which company of ipad should i purchase. i am asking it because i have no knowledge about ipad.

  3. TGF says:

    can i use these software on tablet or not if yes than what is the disadvantage of this using.

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