Top 5 Best OLED Gadgets

OLED Gadgets

Although production prices have yet to drop for OLED customers, the popularity of the displays has caused most manufacturers to start shipping products with the displays integrated as of late last year. This year will see even more dominance for OLED displays for smartphones, lights, and televisions.

Here are some of the top gadgets featuring OLED screens slated to be on sale this year:

1. Samsung Flexible OLED Gadgets – Although the integration of Samsung’s new flexible OLED display into shipping products are several months off, they will likely instantly rise to the top of this year’s list of the Top 5 Best OLED Gadgets. Designed so that they can bend and be flexible, the company is looking at putting them into smartphones and tablets so that the form factor will then be able to bend. The most often mentioned use that seems to be being pursued at this point is a smartphone that folds out to tablet size when the user chooses to do so.

2. Philips Lumiblade light sources- Available now for designers and architects, the Lumiblade is an OLED light source that can be configured in almost any shape requested. The standard size that most are looking at is roughly 15 centimeters by 15 centimeters. The lights are fairly unique in that they can be installed in parallel on walls and ceilings, providing a smooth lighting experience in almost every type of color desired. That differs greatly from the beam lighting experience provided by traditional LED light bulbs. As for brightness, the lights give off 25 lumens per watt and it is recommended to go beyond vanity displays into functional lighting that several be configured together in an area.

3. NAXA 15″ OLED HDTVs- While their are several OLED HDTVs currently on the market, NAXA has put together a truly flexible television that can be used at home or on the go. Shipping with both AC and DC adapters, the television is light, yet rugged, and does not take much power to run. The user interface is well-designed, and the price point is one of the lowest in the industry at just over $100.

4. LG 55 inch 3D OLED TVs- As this goes into production later this month, this large screen OLED television from LG represents the other end of the price scale from the NAXA. Equipped with high end processing power, it allows for very clear viewing of all speeds of video. And although it can’t yet match the ‘no glasses’ 3D effects present on the latest Toshiba televisions, most videophiles will be clamoring to put this television in their den. As per their latest design specification, LG maximized the screen viewing area, leaving the set looking like one of the most minimalist, urban pieces of design that one could own.

5. CECT OLED Waterproof  Tri-band Watch Phones – It stands to reason that as OLEDs come into production as the display of choice for almost half of the phones planned for production over the course of the next year, some manufacturers would have thought to create a cellphone watch. The CECT OLED watch is not only a tri-band cell phone that works with all major carriers, it also manages to incorporate a decent camera while remaining both shockproof and waterproof. Best of all, it is also a pretty solid watch.

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3 Responses to Top 5 Best OLED Gadgets

  1. Globle India says:

    The CECT OLED look at is not only a tri-band mobile phone that performs with all significant providers, it also controls to integrate a reasonable photographic camera while staying both shockproof and water resistant. Best of all, it is also a very strong look at.

  2. Piyush says:

    yes OLED gadgets is very useful because they give clear picture quality and beautiful view OLED is very sharp in its quality.

  3. Oven Express says:

    My best friend is a gadget freak, and he is so excited that the price of the new OLED TV will soon come down and he will be able to finally afford it. But I am still not able to believe him because it sounds impossible for this extraordinary TV to become cheap…

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