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One of the biggest problems that the people of this world are now facing today is that we became pessimistic, don’t care type of person, and materialistic ones! All these three make us self-centered, selfish, and a nobody. What’s even worst, we keep on complaining and blame everything to the leaders of the country without even taking a look at our own selves. What we have done to make our world a better place to live in? Have we done something or are we part of the problem?

personal web blog

Now is the time to throw away the bad behavior of becoming the problem, today is the right time to become the solution! How is this done? Through becoming part of the change and inspire other people to do the same. One good avenue to do is to have a personal web blog and focus on one topic of which you think can help make a world a better place to live in.


Here are step-by-step guidelines as to how you are going to be part of the change and influence others to follow suit:


First, choose one cause that you believe in and you are passionate about! You can choose either being an advocate for green environment and be more specific, promote the use of green energy such as solar energy. The more specific it is, the better. This will help you not create confusion to your readers. Also, you can give out concrete tips as well to your readers.


Second, buy a domain and have it hosted. This is very important. You need to foresee that your blog will become the next big thing. You need to have a blog that can handle big traffic in the future. You do not want to miss the opportunity of getting more readers, right? You can design the header of your blog. It should be a symbol of your cause and what you are fighting for. You can also have someone do it for you.


Third, start posting on your blog. Your first post should be talking about how your blog came to be. What’s the reason behind its creation? You should add the mission and vision of your blog too. Always make sure that your blog post must be in line with the cause you are promoting.


Fourth, spread the word and let the public know your blog exists! If you are serious of having lots of people visiting your blog – might as well start spreading the word. You can do this by posting a status to your Facebook and Twitter. Also, every time you have new blog post, post the link and have it some sort of a status of the social networking sites you are a member of. Never attempt to spam people. This will bring a bad name to your blog and to yourself as well.


There you have it, four easy to follow guidelines on how to go about having a personal web blog to inspire people to change! Have fun!


This is a guest post by Matthew. He is a blogger as well as a part time writer. Currently he writes for Eternicom Group and he also writes for Eternicom.

Steve Robbins is a self professed geek loves all Tech. He was the former chief writer and editor for TechBugs.

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7 Responses to Get Inspired To Make A Change Through Your Personal Blog

  1. Silent Kite says:

    I want to start my own blog and wanted to know what you guys think is the best website to have a blog. I don’t know about many sites at all so please list a few and give your personal ratings. Thanks!

  2. Oven Express says:

    It is the necessary for you to make the changes in your personal blog and take it to the top position for the higher rankings.

  3. Dominic@ComputerTooSlow says:

    Great tips. The domain one is a good tip. I originally started out on a wordpress hosted site and I had trouble getting it to take off. However, I had much better luck with my own good domain name.
    Dominic@ComputerTooSlow recently posted..How to Update the iPod Touch SoftwareMy Profile

  4. Oven Express says:

    I don’t see why not. I have one and use a lint free cloth to wipe it down every once in a while. Touching it directly can leave fingerprints so I suggest using your sleave or part of your shirt.

  5. ravi says:

    Have an interesting blog with good design and good content so that people are interested in reading your blog
    ravi recently posted..Huawei Sonic S8650 Android phone specs and price in IndiaMy Profile

  6. TGF says:

    The domain one is a good tip. I originally started out on a wordpress hosted site and I had trouble getting it to take off. However, I had much better luck with my own good domain name.

  7. wordpress is slowly getting less attention from google, as too many people use it for spawning data farms. Very easy to dupliate.

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