How to Get Readers to Return to Your Blog


Are you getting frustrated that the number of people who are visiting your blog has gone down or does not move a bit? If you do, then you do need to ponder as to where lies the problem and how you can persuade your readers to keep on coming back to your blog to read more stuff you have written for them. Below are useful tips on how to get blog readers, new ones and to make them return to your blog.

get blog readers

What’s the logic of having as many loyal readers for your blog? Well, the answer is pretty simple. The more readers you get, the more your blog will become famous and search engines would start crawling and pushing your blog site to the top. How’s that? Organic or real traffic is what Google likes. If you want to get a higher page rank and be on the top 10, then might as well come up with a strategy you can use in order to get as much readers as possible.

The biggest challenge here is how on earth you are going to entice readers to go back to your blog and read through your posts. It all boils down on you. This is where being creative and coming up with a good marketing strategy takes into the picture.


Good strategies to bring in more readers, repeat readers at that, are the following:

 1. Giving away freebies

People would always love getting a freebie. May it be a free e-book or information as long as it’s given for free and is not for a fee, your readers would surely grab the opportunity. So try to give away freebies every now and then. This will make your readers be constantly visiting your blog in order to know when you will be giving away the next freebie. You can state it this way, “keep on visiting this blog to know when will be the next freebie be given away”.

 2. Contests

Starting off a competitive contest is good. You can have like some sort of trivia about your blog and readers will post their answers. The first one who will get the right answer wins something. Even if how little it is, the fact that a certain reader wins is already a reward in itself. Beating the rest in the race to win the contest is already a great thrill.

 3. Good content.

One way to shoo away your readers would be posting crap posts or anything that has no use at all. The formula of a good content would be this: written in good English and informative. The goal here is to make every reader absorb the information and make use of it one way or the other. You need to impose a problem and give away a solution at the end. This can be a good way to achieve good content for your blog.

There you have it! Three ways on how to get blog readers and keep them coming to your blog.

This article is written by Matthew. Who writes about personal development. He also shares blogging advice.

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2 Responses to How to Get Readers to Return to Your Blog

  1. TGF says:

    One way to shoo away your readers would be posting crap posts or anything that has no use at all. The formula of a good content would be this.

  2. Great ideas. I believe good content should be number one though.

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