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According to the latest news, Internet censorship in India is being asked by the government. Facebook, Google, and Yahoo are asked to censor their content and to ban anything offensive on their sites. It has also been known that Indian Telecom Minister, Kapil Sibal met officials of three social networking sites and has asked them to come up with some censor mechanism that will prevent posting of offensive content on these sites.


Internet censorship in India


In the meeting with three social networking sites , Kapil Sibal showed them a webpage which targeted chief  Congress Politician Sonia Gandhi. It contained offensive content against party leaders. The objection that has been placed by the congress is for Google, Yahoo, Facebook, the top three names in social networking history to develop a strategy that will help them to regulate the content that is being published on their sites so that users will not be subjected to view any offensive material. Basically, what congress members are trying to say is that the three sites should review their content before posting it to their sites. They want them to check images and content that are posted by users. It was not only congress who raised this objection but three other countries too namely USA, Finland and Turkey. These countries have also raised the same objection and wants these three sites to censor their content. This is not the first time that the Indian government tries to censor the Internet, they have been raising questions on some other sites also like YouTube.


Now what congress want is for Google, Facebook and Yahoo to check their content before posting but the bigger problem that is associated with this type of idiotic objection is that the congress should be told that the content that is being poured in these sites is just so high that even if these three sites will join hands (that is so funny), then still won’t be able to do that. You yourself can realize that this it is a foolish objection to want these sites to check each and every content that is being published on their sites. It’s totally absurd and ridiculous. How can you even possibly think of some plan that would check each and every content on their sites? I’m sure that congress has no such idea. After reading my post, I hope they would think of something else.


The three companies did not took the matter so seriously as they said it’s nearly impossible to look after each and every content that is being posted against not only Indian’s but anybody else. These companies are not to be blamed for all these happenings as they are not the one who are at fault, they cannot be blamed for the content as they are not the one’s who are posting the materials. As far as developing such type of technique that will block offensive content, it’s not going to happen as it’s  impossible to regulate that amount of content that is pouring daily on a regular basis. How can you blame companies for offensive content that is being posted on their sites? Though the Indian Government is not happy about the result of their meeting but the three companies stood by their decision and has totally disagreed to censor it’s content for India or any other country


These are the biggest names in the social networking sites that are being used all over the world on a daily basis. These are social networking sites, what can you expect from these type of sites? People will share their opinion and their feelings in their own way, you just can’t stop them by any means. For their actions, you can not blame any site whether it’s Facebook or Google because they are not the one who are writing or posting  the content, it’s the users who are to be blamed. And as far as the objection goes, I think I have made my point clear through this article that it’s impossible to keep a check and review the images or the content that are being posted on the web. So whether it’s Internet censorship in India or elsewhere, they should look into the problem associated with the objection that is being raised on a daily basis on these social networking sites.

About Steve Robbins:
Steve Robbins is a self professed geek loves all Tech. He was the former chief writer and editor for TechBugs.

Steve Robbins is a self professed geek loves all Tech. He was the former chief writer and editor for TechBugs.

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9 Responses to Internet Censorship in India for Facebook, Google, and Yahoo

  1. Aman Arora @Tech Blog says:

    Awesome article bro, very informative 😀

  2. Shiva @ Blogging Tips says:

    I actually had a hearty laugh when I first read this news a few days ago, specially because he mentioned the use of “human” screening of content. If he had told automated then I would not have laughed but human, lol, I sure think he has got a lot of sense in him to understand how the internet works and would know how many “Humans” would be needed to screen the amount of content that is posted online everyday. I think he is needlessly a corrupt politician and a sycophant, nothing more to that

    • Mark@High Resolution Images says:

      I agree with Shiva. corrupt politician he is.

    • Rohit Batra says:

      Mr. Sibal would have really been joking about the Human Screening, you want to monitor millions of users on social networking sites for that you need at-least thousand people to keep eyes open 24×7.. If taken in a different way I would say good luck to him & say that please implement it at-least some un-employment will decrease by your this step and as we know there is always a work-around for every restriction soon people will find one for this situation also..

  3. Srivathsan says:

    Every government official in India is corrupted. If they did good to the people then why should people post bad about them in social networks. And this message is for the government officials who wanted to censor those content on social networks : don’t try to censor those contents. instead try to correct yourself

  4. Mahipal Singh says:

    ha ha ha… The Government is fear of Bloggers

  5. Stag Weekends says:

    Yahoo, Google, Facebook, and Twitter are all good examples of censoring what the AMERICAN public should know and keep the truth twisted and controlled for the elite, correct?

  6. TGF says:

    The post is very informative and useful for me.

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