How To Spy On Your PC and Track Everything In Your Absence

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If you want to know who worked on your PC/laptop in your absence and what they did and what changes did they make without telling you, then I would recommend for you  to read the full post. In this post, I will tell you how to spy on your PC and monitor each and every action that has been performed  during your absence. These days, many spying software are available but I will tell you the easy tool to use. i.e REFOG Personal Monitor. This has been announced as the best spying software present in market.

spy on your PC


The following are the feature’s that Refog personal monitor has to offer:

1. Remote monitoring

This is the best part of this software, it allows you to keep a check on your PC/laptop even if you are far away from your PC through emails, in settings you can input a valid email address and then the log generated by the Refog personal monitor will be sent to you through an email so you don’t have to rush home to check the log daily. This is good software to keep a check on your children so that they do not fall prey for scams and other lustful things available on net these days.

2. Easy and Simple User Interface

One of the features that makes it popular among users is  the easy to use interface that can be operated if you have a simple knowledge of computers, you need not to be a computer expert in handling this software. Just install and start using it, it will take you only 5 to 10 mins to get familiar with the software.

3. Records Keystrokes And Captures Screen

REFOG Personal Monitor records the keystrokes that have been pressed on your keyboard by any person, it also captures screens at regular interval that are really helpful in telling you what the person is up to. This is really helpful in monitoring your child’s activity while working on net. Your child might have fallen prey to some illegal activity and through REFOG personal monitor, you can keep a regular check on your child.

4. Stealth Mode

The basic feature of every spying software is the ability to hide and not show itself till the user that has installed it invokes that software. This feature makes  the REFOG Personal Monitor the best spying tool in the market. It has the ability of remaining completely hidden from anybody’s eyes. Once put into stealth mode only the person operating the software can retrieve that software. And it starts as soon as your PC is switched on even without notifying the user.

Once you re familiar with the free trial version of this software, then you can upgrade to the full version and spy on your PC without needing to change any settings that you’ve already setup.

About Steve Robbins:
Steve Robbins is a self professed geek loves all Tech. He was the former chief writer and editor for TechBugs.

Steve Robbins is a self professed geek loves all Tech. He was the former chief writer and editor for TechBugs.

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9 Responses to How To Spy On Your PC and Track Everything In Your Absence

  1. Mix Twist says:

    Its great tool but I have another free tool called kidlogger easy to use and easy to check data but with some limitations lets now try this one. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Aman Arora says:

    Is there any mobile application of this software?

  3. Nimmi says:

    Looks good, will try it

    “Records Keystrokes And Captures Screen”

    When we come after a week, My HD will be Filled completely 😛

  4. Phanindra says:

    Good one buddy 🙂
    I haven’t tried this but once I checked with Golden Eye software and it was too good.But we need to be careful because many of these spyware programs are contain spywares within themselves which can be detected by proper antivirus software 🙂

  5. go to know somtheing new after read this article……..

  6. Rohit Batra says:

    yeah it can be used a parental control also.. you can let the kids do whatever he wants and then see the logs of what things he access in your absence..

  7. Nice effect posted buddy..i always wanted to do something like this..

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