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Wordpress Versus BloggerTheir has always been a heated debate on the topic whether users should go for WordPress versus Blogger. Well, I personally think that WordPress is the best blogging platform and it overpowers Bloggers. Both WordPress and Blogger have many services to offer and provide free solutions to users who want to start their own blog or website. These two platforms are the most favorable blogging platforms available today. There are tons of blogs and site made and most of them uses these two platforms. Let us discuss about both of them so you will be able to judge which one is better.


Blogger is a blogging platform and was the first blogging on Internet. For those who are new to blogging, it’s the best platform because it’s easy to operate and handle. It offers features that can be used to make a blog look attractive and informative. Most users start with the Blogger platform because of one main reason and that is, that you don’t have to buy your own domain name you can choose a domain name with the extension “.blogspot.com”.

The templates that are offered by Blogger are easy to customize and you can change colors, font, and layout of a template easily. If you have knowledge of HTML and CSS, then you can do more customization. Blogger allows only one image upload at a time and if you want to add links or caption to the image or adjust the size of image, then you must be aware of HTML.

The Blogger platform is mostly chosen by people who want to make a personal blog for just entertainment purposes, their is no profit attached to these blogs. If you want to start blogging techniques, then the Blogger platform is the best because of  it’s simple interface.



WordPress is the best blogging platform available today if you want to start blogging as your profession and if you want to make money from it. If you choose WordPress as your blogging platform, then you will have the freedom of choosing as many themes from tons of themes available today on the web and then change the code of a theme for customization. Many businesses and companies use WordPress to host their site because of it’s flexibility and simple user interface.

Starting with WordPress can be a little difficult but once you get familiar with all functionality, then you will be just working like a professional blogger and develop new ideas to make your blog unique and popular  through various plugins and widgets that are provided by WordPress that are also free. The image editing in WordPress is quite simple and you can upload multiple images unlike Blogger and you do not need to have HTML knowledge for adding links or changing sizes of image in WordPress.

For those who want to earn some money through blogging, WordPress is the best and most users choose it. Most users start from the Blogger platform and end up using WordPress once they are familiar with the blogging world.

Definitely, WordPress has advantage over Blogger and I myself use it because of it’s better user interface and it more function available.

How about you, which would you prefer? WordPress versus Blogger?

About Steve Robbins:
Steve Robbins is a self professed geek loves all Tech. He was the former chief writer and editor for TechBugs.

Steve Robbins is a self professed geek loves all Tech. He was the former chief writer and editor for TechBugs.

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24 Responses to WordPress Versus Blogger

  1. Ahsan says:

    The beginner Bloggers can start blog with Blogger but when they get little experience they must shift to WordPress. WordPress is far far better than Blogger because of its multi plugins, SEO settings which lack in Blogger. Thanks for valuable post

  2. Abhishek says:

    Yeah buddy wordpress is best for SEO,

  3. mannat says:

    WordPress is the best blogging platform for those who want to make some money.Blogger platform is good for beginners

  4. Ankit says:

    their is no doubt that wordpress is the best blogging platform.

  5. ashish says:

    No doubt wordpress is the best platform

  6. Aman Arora says:

    I like wordpress and I feel that its quite awesome, easy to customise 🙂

  7. chander says:

    yaah for starting blog is good…

  8. According To Me Blogger Is Best 🙂
    My Blog Is Fully Optimized For SEO 😀
    I Will Never Leave Blogger Easy To Use 🙂

  9. Abhishek says:

    Most of the users start from blogger platform and end up using WordPress platform 🙂

  10. Thomas says:

    I agree. It might be because I got into blogging through WordPress, but it’s simple for newbies, has a ton of room for easy customizations with themes and plugins, and if you start with the free option and ‘grow up’ to self-hosting on your own .com, knowing your way around WordPress can turn the headache of setting up a site into a 5-minute deal. Invaluable.

  11. Bbgssble says:

    I appreciate your wordpress design, where did you obtain it from?

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